Monday, March 30, 2009

Mercy and the Potty !!

I thought I would give an up date on Mercy Morris and her "Potty Training!!" Funny how the last post was on the opposite end of the spectrum....praying about the future marriage and life mates of all the children and now back to potty updates. All I can say about Mercy's adventure is " I am amazed, I have never in all potty training ever experienced this!!" It has been 3 1/2 weeks that she came to me one bright morning and said very loudly, "I need go potty!!" I picked her up and raced her to the bathroom never thinking much of it, I was just flying with her on this "whim." As she sat on the potty and actually went, I was surprised to say the least. I thought, "she must know the need to go now." Later in the day I told Bethany to pick her up some cute girley undies and Mercy thought she was "it" in those tiny little things!! Here is how it has gone thus far..... that first night I put a diaper back on her which she did not want to do but I assured her that she would get her little panties on in the morning. She woke up dry and the first week she had about 6 accidents the whole time. After that first night I really forgot to put diapers on her before bed and she has not wet the bed at night in this 3 1/2 week time. She comes and tells me when she needs to go with both the big business and the small!!! This has been the easiest training I have ever experienced!! I am actually sad that I can not have the difficulity of it. Maybe I should write a book, there are tons out there that "tell you how," give all these methods of bare bottoms at home, look for when they are still, when they might be starting to grunt and groan, finding out their patterns for it and whatever else "they" say. I think I would entitle my book "No Stress Potty Training." It would very easy to apply the method and very short chapters. Chapter One; Wait!!!!! Chapter 2; Wait til they are three!!! Chapter 3; Wait till they tell you they gotta go!! Chapter 4; Benefits For the Mom would be, 1) you keep your sanity, 2) you do not have bruises on your head from banging your head on the wall, 3) you still like your child, 4) you do not have to try to wash and sling the stuff off in the potty from accidents!!!! I doubt my book would sell because the majority would think this method quite ridicoulous......but it worked for me!!!! So there is my two cents worth!!! So I announce to you....Mercy Morris is Potty Trained!! This is the first time in 22 1/2 years that I have not bought diapers on our grocery shopping days, it is the strangest thing! I have always had one wearing diapers even while waiting on the next one to arrive!

So thankful for the Lord providing work this week and the guys having many things following! When your self-employed, you learn very quickly "Who" is your Provider because you meet Him on your knees often. They have several really big jobs coming up, one a commercial job doing the Build Block.

Another birthday this week, Joshua's on Thursday. He will be 11, Lord willing and he is going to have a Camp Out Party! Because of the guys work schedule, we are going to do his doughnuts and gifts on Thursday morning and then Friday evening do his "party." Going to be fun, I found some games that will fit the theme and other ideas.

Remember the Beginners Garden Workshop, Saturday, April 11, 9am- 12 noon here on our little farm!! More info or you can register here. Gonna be fun!!! We are passing out flyers today to all the sponsors!!


Emma and Mommy said...

Way to go Mercy! She sounds like my niece, when she lived with us I tried so hard to potty train her. I gave up finally and one day she just said "I want to use the potty" and from that day forward that is how she went.

With Derek we got lucky it didnt take too long. With Ella we bribed her with a potty party. She had a big cake and party with presents. Kind of neat, since as a twin she never gets "all by herself" parties.

I am so proud of Mercy! She really is growing up.

Vanderpolclan said...

I rejoice with you - literally. Our 3 year old is now potty trained also. I tried before but was just getting frustrated, so I put her back in diapers. A few weeks later I got her sibblings to help reminder her. They both got a smartie when she went. It worked!! The pretty underwear helped too. I still have one to go :).

-stephanie- said...

Yay, Mercy. And yay Cindy, for not having to buy diapers.

My girls were so different. The 1st was so easy. Just asked her if she wanted to go on the toilet and she said yes. The end. The 2nd one. Let's just say my head was bruised from banging it on the wall. :-D

22 and a half years buying diapers...that exhausts me just reading that. :o)

Mountain Mama said...

3 Cheers for Mercy!!! Way to go girl.

Tess is sitting on her potty as I type this. Hopefully it will be as easy as Mercy.

Maggie Burnett said...