Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden 2009

The guys are here today and wow are things busy!!! First off, Terry got a portion of the garden plowed up that needed it and we are planting potatoes today, like 50 pounds of em'!! We'll see how many rows that makes and might get some more. I cut all the eyes early this morning and got them ready to go in the garden. In the top garden picture you can see some green coming up and that is the spinach, I think I might try to cut some tonight!!! In the second picture you can get an idea of how big the garden is, I sent Hosie and Siah out in about the middle of it, we think its a little over an acre. The back part really needs soil work but it will come in due time, and we have plenty of organic matter!!!! Next we were going to eat lunch and Bethany checks in on her one day over due doe and she is in labor, so you just had to grab lunch if you wanted it. All went well with the Nubian birth and she had two does, yea!!!! After all that Hosie and Jeremiah were ready to go get their new boots, so off we went. Josiah and Mercy went along too!! Got em' some sharp looking boots!!! Bethany had her violin student come and I just got back and the older boys are still out gun buying, yes more guns, I can hardley stand all this!!!! Terry has some helpers now and they are getting the tators in the ground now! It is around 80* here, beatuiful weather, nice and warm like I like it!! I am so thankful for Terry's gardening skills. He has been doing this for 15 years. He said much of what he has learned has come from talking with my dad, who is an expert at gardening!!! Of course Terry has learned by "trial and error." If the Lord grants good weather and rain and His blessing, we get good results and I know its the Lord who gives the increase but He uses means such as a man doing the work, tilling and weeding. It is so fulfilling to walk out and pick and then eat it. We try to do all organic gardening but it does give more weeds that way. At the front of the gardening it looks so nice as you see all the rows of dirt and green popping up but later in the season, its sometimes hard to find the plants!! We are looking forward to the increase the Lord grants this year.

This was so funny to me and wanted to share it. Remember back, I think its been several months ago that I said we had three refigerators and one croaked. It was my moms, about 35 years old and really the one I like the best, glasss shelves inside and all. I considered taking it out to the pasture after it died but removing it would leave an ugly space and to move the other one there that we do use would leav a space that looked bad as well, so we justt left it. I even taped the doors shut as I got so tired of people opening it and of course nothing was even it, just irritated me:) All these months of grocery shopping and bringing the food home and cram it into two refriges has been a pain, but we have made it. The other morning I was really praying and asking God to provide a refrig and was getting a little put out that He would not answer and provide one and I was really saying to Him, "what is one less refrig from your storehouse gonna matter?" I do not think I was mad, I was just thinking, "its just one refrig." Yesterday, that old, non working one, that has sat for at least 2 months in the kitchen was resurrected. We have no idea how, but it is running!!! Josh said he heard something that sounded like something taking a breath and Anna came and told me it was running. Sure enough its cold as ever and now we are back in business with three. We were all trying to think "how" it happened and maybe the Lord sent a "handyman angel" to work on it in the night:) I really got a giggle out of it as I told the Lord thank you and maybe He just thought He would show me what He can do!!!! I do not know how long it'll go, but for now "itsa" working!!!

Better go and see if I can help in the garden.........hope you can experiment and see if you have a green thumb!!!!


Zimms Zoo said...

We planted a garden at my grandma's and then built some raised beds at our house. Can't wait to eat some of it.

-stephanie- said...

Love your refrigerator story. I love how God cares so much for our needs. He is so good.

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Wow you have an interesting soil colour ..I'd almost think you lived in PEI. You should be able to grow incredible potatoes :) Have a great day !

Hannah B. said...

I've been so excited to get my garden going again too! Fifty pounds of potatoes sounds like a TON!!!! =D Does your garden get a little bigger every year like mine does? ;)

Hope to see ya'll soon!