Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mercy is 3 !!!

Joel~ 2-1/2 & Mercy

Today Mercy is 3!!! What a precious blessing this little girl is to our family and to my heart! She is still being fought over, tugged at and chased by all her brothers, from the oldest to the youngest, she's very popular!!! Mercy has literally been a little candle in this dark trial, she has been a ray of sunshine, she has given me smiles and laughs when I did not feel like it! I am so thankful for the Lord's Mercy to us! Mercy is our little queen, she has us all wrapped around her fingers, toes, hands and mostly our hearts!! She loves to swing about as much as Joel and Josiah!! I tell her of Joel and she talks of "Balley" and Joel and says "he's up in heaven" in such a sweet way. She helps Anna make desserts, she folds little towels in the laundry and she likes to sleep in mommy and daddies bed!!!!:) Of all the children she looks like Joel and does so many things as he would, her expressions and frolic are sweet reminders. Our prayer for Mercy is that soon in her heart the Lord would call her and give her the gift of faith and repentance and she would follow the Lord all the days of her life. We pray the Lord will give her a husband that would love her sacrificially as Christ loves the church, that she would be fruitful with thousands of millions, Gen. 24:60. That she would love Christ and serve Him with all of her being!! Mercy is having a "Farm Baby Party." Bethany said she is going to have MORE baby goats today, (likely) and we are getting more chicks here in a little while, so that is perfect for our party!! We are going to have her party at lunch, the guys are here so I will post some pictures after lunch!! Happy Birthday, Mercy, we love you!!!!!

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Cheryl said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Mercy, the B's love you!!!