Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Building a House.....

pictures taken at David and Kate's house

I want to give an exhortation particularly to Caleb, Daniel and Elijah. I read a verse Monday morning, and it immediately prompted my thinking and desire to share it with the three eldest sons yet it is applicable to all our sons and daughters.

Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,
Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me?
saith the Lord:
or what is my place of rest?
Acts 7:48-49

What house will ye build for the Lord, Caleb, Daniel and Elijah? At young ages you three trusted Christ to save you from your sin and now as young men, we are grateful for your desire to pursue the Lord. I feel you have already purposed in your hearts to follow the Lord but along the way its always good to receive exhortations to keep keeping on, to not loose sight of the vision, to run the race, to be on guard to the prowling's and cunning's of the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy in ways that at first may not seem so obvious nevertheless detrimental to a young man steps. I know you are making preparations for your futures with diligent work, saving money and looking wisely at options for land and investments. So what kind of house will ye build for the Lord?? First your house will need a solid foundation, and being builders you know this to be true. In your hearts now and being a single young man, you have the foundation of saving grace, you have Christ as your only hope and Savior from your sin. But as you think about your future families, Lord willing, you must build your homes on sure foundation of Christ. You must gather the materials and that would be searching and reading of the scriptures, finding truths that will show you the plan or blueprint for a godly marriage and family. Truths that show you this would be marrying a godly, growing, young lady that desires to love her husband, love children and be a keeper of the home, one that has a meek and quiet spirit, one who desires modesty and one that her husband safely trusts in so that he has no need of spoil. One that understands that the covenant of marriage is only broken by death. As the Lord provides your bride the structure will begin for your own house. Your commitment to your bride will be a great responsibility of love, selflessness, humility, provision, protection, washing her with the word, leading and guiding your house according to the scriptures. The scripture says except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Sure, my question was, "what house will ye build me?" but really He is the Builder/Architect who has the Plans and you will be the contractor who carries out the plans under His supervision and direction of the truth of the scriptures. As the Lord starts filling your home with pleasant and precious riches, with children, which is in the Master plan because he says to be fruitful and multiply you will then continue to build your house with mighty arrows whom Lord willing will become heirs of the faith of you, their father as you train and prepare them for their journey in this life. The Scripture must always be what you use to build with. The world will offer materials that might grant a structure that looks good and can bring enjoyments and pleasures but remember your building a house for the Lord, one that will last for generations to come. You know what it is like to get cheap stuff to build with, its not worth it in the long run. Since you all have walked close to the gates of eternity with your little brother Joel, I pray he will always be a "forget-me-not" of how short our lives can be and how we need to build with materials that will last throughout eternity, and that his life will cause you to have eternal perspectives, that all you build needs to be for His kingdom and not for our own pleasures that last for only a moment in this life. As you seek to build your house, may all the angles, planes, and measurements line up according to his Word. Your father has sought to build his/our house according to the scriptures. I think we will both say heartily that our structure is not perfect, it can and will always need repairs, but he continues to build upward and on Christ and his truths. I would like to do some re-model, maybe do some things differently and that is where we pray you all will take the hammer/mantle and do "more" than us, make even a more sure structure. I hope you will mediate upon this question and as you do, you will gain wisdom and understanding of the plans for building your house unto the Lord.

What house will ye build me?

Remember he is the Builder, your the contractor and make sure you use His materials!!!! I love you and look so forward to what you and the Lord will build together for His glory!!

David and Katelyn extended wonderful hospitality last evening. Then we got some volley-ball in at their house. Terry and I headed home after a few games with some of the "littles" but the rest stayed on and sounds like and from looking at videos on cell phones it was pretty crazy....having races in the living room on rolling chairs!!!! Dave, don't you know how destructive the Morris crew can be????? Great time!!!

We have some good news with provision of being able to expand our cow pasture. A neighbor widow lady about a mile away is going to let us put our cows on her 40 acres for free!!! She just ask that we mow her yard area. This is such good news. We can now hopefully get some more cows and some steers to feed out. They can even ride the 4-wheeler over and check on them.

Tonight we had a lot of garden food for dinner. Red potatoes, green beans, squash, purple hull peas, tomatoes and cucumbers!!! I did fix a roast to go with it....guys have to have MEAT!!!

Big volley-ball game tonight. Bringing in the "Nay's" alas/ the Naylors!!!

Dannie heads out in the morning....so sad, its been a great time with her!! We"ll re-group, clean and I need to get some grocery shopping in and we"ll gear up for the next group, Terry's folks!!!

Have a fun evening yourselves!!!

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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Beautiful Cindy.... your boys have been blessed to witness a Godly woman like you before them so their standards will be high..... so sweet. I love hearing your mothers heart.