Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Verse Story.....

But his flesh upon him shall have pain, and
his soul within him shall mourn
Job 14:22

And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thous hast received
in the Lord, that thou fulfill it

And where is now my hope? as for my hope, who
shall see it?
Job 17:15

The pictures at the top are ones I found at my dads last week, he took them. I did not have these and was so glad to come upon them. Joel and Josiah were about 16-17 months. They loved pretending to play their violins and doing what the big people were doing. I was of course preg with Mercy in the picture, due in March 06 and these were likely Nov. Dec. 05 I like that top picture, his little personality showing in the little bend over thing he was doing. So sweet!

Above are some verses that I have read the last few days and they tell a story of my heart. The first verse tells what we all will really face at some point or another, we will have pain to our flesh and our souls within will mourn. It is because we live under the curse of sin. We all will experience growing old (unless the Lord transports us through deaths door via sickness/accident of sorts) our moving away from the peek of abilities and then we will all face deaths of those we love and thus our souls will mourn. Mine is!! The next verse I am blessed by as Paul yet in prison but he still is moving forward with life, with ministry and really sees his imprisonment as from the Lord and a way that God has ordered to further the gospel and he is seeking to fulfill that which was given him. I feel too like I am moving forward with life, and I do feel like the Lord has given a ministry and a platform from this trial and I want with all my heart to fulfill what God desires to accomplish through it. Its like I do not want anything of and with Joel to be wasted. And then in the next verse Paul mentions to "remember my bonds." From a mothers heart, I do not want anyone to forget about Joel. I want these bonds of grieving that we are in to be remembered by family and friends. I do not want anyone to ever think because you see me laughing and having a fun time that I am over this! I will never be in this life! I want my my own children to know that my heart always has an ache and that tears fall every morning for Joel, and the wishing"s and the wanting to see two blonde heads side by side. A grieving mother wants the world to know and remember " her bonds." I am moving forward which I am grateful for the grace to do it but I am and always will have an amputation. And the last verse is one I fall upon each morning, "where is my hope?" There has to be and thankfully there is HOPE!! Hope of being with Joel again. My hope is in Christ and his resurrection, that gives me hope that Joel is living right now, just in a different place. And the last part of that verse gives me motivation to keep on......"who shall see it?" The people that see my "hope" will first be my family and then it will extend to others by his grace. I want to fulfill the ministry received in this trial starting with my own children first. If they do not see one after having been through the most difficult journey we have been on and not come forth with hope, faith, trust, and still seeking the Lord after the fact then their own foundations could become shakey, not firm and they themselves could possibly turn away form the God of their father. So it is with a great desire to point our own children to the ONE True God that has brought and is bringing us through. Who shall see my hope????.......my children!! From the first verse that speaks of trials and suffering in this life that last verse ends with hope and in the meantime, the middle verse speaks of moving forward!

Super hot here now, close to the hundreds! But you know what I like it! I love the feel of summer!! I know our guys work in it and its not too fun but I sure like hot weather verses cold! We are coming to a very busy week ahead with Fathes Day on Sunday, Terry's BD on Monday and Bethany's 20th BD on Wednesday. Bethany is going to have a Beach Party birthday!!I am going to have the guys bring in couple tons of sand so we an make a beach and then we can always use sand right?? I have been thinking on this for a while and looking forward to getting it all together. I love planning parties and doing them!! Also, remember Danielle, Bethany's friend and all ours, she is coming to visit next week and for the party. We are so looking forward to her being here! I am sure we'll have some adventures for ya! This week is coming in busy too, Duffy and Dooley go to the groomer tomorrow and on Thursday Bethany and I will go to the groomer and get our hair-de do's.

I did not can anymore, we are going to take the rest to the Market on Wed. I estimated if I had canned the 23 gallons it would roughly be close to 90-95 quarts. Like I said, the beans are good and good for ya but the extra income is a blessing too. We'll pick again tonight and combine the pickings to take!! We certainly acknowlege that it is the Lord that has brought forth the bountiful harvest!

The Garden DVD is coming soon. JC has it done, I think its a matter of getting it to the production company and about two weeks there and then we should be recieving it. Those that have pre-ordered, we have your name and all ready to get you one out as soon as they get here. And if you wan to pre-order check out the button on the lower right hand side. John-Clay did a fine job!!

Always know I am so grateful for those that continue to keep up with us and surely do not want you to ever think I take it lightly, your time as you read here, your prayers and thoughts and encouragemnt to our family.....thank you for remembering me in my bonds.


Jessica said...

"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."

Your children will see the hope and they do. What a good mother. As you will always weep over your sweet Joel, He will be sustaining you with that hope. How faithful He truly is. Those pictures were such a blessing for you I am sure. They brought tears to my eyes. I know though you laugh there is still heartache there but your laughter is real as is your ache and God knows your heart so well. Thank you for always being real. Bless you and may God sustain you always.

Teena said...

Cindy, thank you for posting. What great words. They minister to my heart. I am praying and think of you so often.

Our Mandi (20)leave yesterday on a mission trip to the Ukraine. I took her to the airport and after went to meet an online friend that I have followed for 5 yrs. Sue.. Luke's mom... www.howsluke.blogspot.com It was so great to meet her and we talked and talked... prayed together and laughed and cried. I am so thankful God allowed our lives to cross. I think her Luke... my Wesley and your Joel (and Josiah) are all about the same age.

YOUR testimony also encourages me...

That is so cool about Bethany's birthday.


Janet said...

Those photographs are precious!

Anonymous said...

Aw, the pictures are very sweet. I like the last one where you're helping one of the twins play (Josiah/Joel¿?¿?).
Still praying for you all... =)

Danielle said...

Mrs. Morris,

I can't wait to be there! :)It'll be so much fun! :) Thanks for inviting me to the beach party! :) Still have to buy my "fancy" flip flops but that will happen hopefully today!!! :)

Love you guys!

Luke's Mom said...

What a precious picture and memory, it's so nice to have pictures, they remind us of so many wonderful things. It's also hard at the same time because they can cause us great distress when we think about the way things used to be, before. . .

Love in Christ,