Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Day on the Lake.....

First picture below.....this is the crazy driver....I mean responsible, first born, young man.....that took me on a "wild boat ride!!" I only thought I was having a breath taking experience on the tube chair. I was insisting me and Mercy be taken back or he was going to get a "whippin!!" Mercy seemed to like it, but I wanted OUT of that boat!!!! A few more water pictures here, like how many different ones can we get when your doing this??? They have all had a great time and we will be wrapping it tomorrow afternoon and Lord willing heading back to Okie-homa. Terry has done well managing the 40 head of goats, milking 3 of them, pasteurizing milk for the baby goats, working tin the garden, doing all the other animal chores and he even managed to mop the kitchen floor, mail a package, water my flowers and cook his meals!!! It was so funny when I talked to him this morning and he said he ended up having "two" bed partners....Duffy and Dooley. If you know Terry, this would be a MAJOR NO!! The first night I think they roamed around the house and last night I think they decided to make themselves comfortable! He said he felt something against him and Duffy was scratching around trying to make his covers more comfy!! I guess he's living with the dogs and the dogs are gettin' in on the comforts of people life!

They are out wake boarding again and here in a bit we are going to have a fish fry with fish the younger guys have caught the last few mornings.

Last night we were on the dock and Mercy wanted to go swimming and I said we'll go tomorrow, Lord willing. She said she didn't want Lord willin,' she just wanted to go swimmin.'

Thanks for the prayers and if you think about it pray we'll have a safe trip tomorrow afternoon, that the van will do well and maybe for a cloud to follow us to escape the heat. Talk to ya when we get back.....Lord willin'


Jessica said...

I am having too much fun getting updated on your trip. I love the pics. I am praying for a safe cool trip hom in Jesus name- amen.

-stephanie- said...

What fun! We sure could use some warm weather up here, so we can have some water fun.

I love Mercy's "I don't want Lord willin', I just want to go swimmin' line. How cute.