Monday, June 15, 2009

Beans, Beans !!!

This is how we do it...... pick em' bring them in and you get LOTS of helpers to snap and break them wash them and get LOTS of helpers to pack them in the jars put them in the canner and follow directions, and maybe say a little prayer for all to go well. might ask questions like Jeremiah, " whose canner was that?" (me) "it was my moms." ( Jeremiah) "Why doesn't she use it?" (Me) "because dead people do not use earthly things." Hosie says, "that was not a good question to ask!!" It gave us three a laugh!! I took a moment to tell them about our works for the Lord and that is all that we will take and they will be tested by fire and what we did in Jesus name will come through the fire but all else will be as stubble and burn!!

Sixth.......take them out of the canner and hear the tops "pop."

Seventh.......Start over with the next process and get your husband to help because the children have scattered!!!

We were able to can 21 quarts from 5 gallon picking
We picked 23 gallons today!!
Thank the Lord for his provision!!


Jessica said...

You just taught me how to can something. I have forever wanted to learn so thank you. This may just motivate me to try it. That could be interesting!! I hope you all have a great week. We have been talking lots about you and how we might just have to come tour Oklahoma land :) You are all such an example of how a godly family is to be and as young parents it is so encouraging. Babble babble I go again! Blessingsl

Hannah B. said...

I've been canning too, but not that many beans!! Yes, I think I said a little prayer the first time I used the canner this year...:)


( : Mav,Mavette&Mavie : ) said...

Great pics! I was hoping you'd post step by step pics! I guess I'll do it with my husband the whole time! The kid can't scatter, but "Mavie" doesn't offer much help currently either! ;P
What a blessing of provision! We've got a lot to pick too! We're thinking about having my family over and letting them help pick with us!
We'll definitely pray over our canning, especially since it's the first time! I've always thought a pressure canner looked like it needed some prayer!

MP said...

Ahhh,I miss that so much. I miss the smell of fresh picked and snapped green beans and the sound of the tops popping. I don't miss the pressure canning though. I was always so distracted, my husband was good at staying on top of it though. Funny how the kids find places to go and be busy when round two comes. :-)
What a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I love to snap the beans! I usually help my Mummy when she does beans for lunch :)

Emma and Mommy said...

Those look yummy. I was just telling Ella the other day I wish we had room to grow green beans, because I know she would have so much fun snapping them. I guess for now I will have to count of the store or farmers market for ours.

Jessica said...

My great grandmother didn't have the opportunity to teach me to can but her canned green beans were the greatest!

Came by searching on the Duggar family!