Thursday, June 25, 2009

ALOT of Beach Party pictures!!!

If you have a beach party, go ahead and get the five tons of sand, it brought the beach to our farm as we celebrated Bethany's 20th Birthday!!!! We had sooo much fun, alot of work, but the work was out weighed by the "ton" of fun!!!! Here's how it went. We ate first and we did that inside as the heat and flies, our Beach menu was Cowabunga Burgers, Hang Loose Hot dogs, Ocean View Chips, Fresh Peach Mango Salsa, Tropical Lime Chicken over Couscous, Green tea and then Katelyn brought Tropical Trail mix and for dessert Bethany wanted Shellicious Cheesecake. I'll post some of these recipes later! Next we went outside and hit the beach for the real fun!! We took pictures and then played some games. One game I called "High Tide," three teams and they had to pass a pie tin over the head with water and at the end see who had the most water left in it, Beach towel toss was tossing a water balloon back and forth on beach towels and taking steps back to see who could toss the farthest, Rock toss is where I had names on rocks and each person had to throw their rock and see who get get closest to the big rock, the little ones threw rings on a pole in the swimming pool, Coconut Roll is where folks rolled a coconut with their nose to the finish line...not easy! Hoola Hoop ball, the little ones were trying to throw balls through the hoop and of course it proceeds to people jumping through hoops. (we always deteroriate) And the funniest one to see was the Beach Bum relay where I had items you had to put on and go back to next in line and they had to put on, you know how it goes, as you can see in the pics, it was hilarious! Then we had to have a good ole balloon fight but that did not go as well, Danielle's camera was in the way, but its ok!! They played volley ball and then after that is when we served beverages from the Tiki Hut the guys made for me. I like this part the best!! We had two blenders going and I had everything pre-measured so it was fairly easy. We served Sunny Slush, Tropical Slush, and Watermelon/Strawberry Slush!! We had to give Dannie a hard time as she wanted to try one that had rum extract,( my favorite one) and we told her she had to be 21!! We sat around in the evening under the tiki torches and talked for a while and then back inside for coffee and the cheesecake and on the cheesecake, we made the shells with a mold and swirling the chocolates together, I thought some of them looked soo real!!! The pineapple tree was two pineapples with a dow rod running through the middle and then the greenery on top. It was a great party, one I hope our children remember and it will bring special memories to them in their futures. You know that's why I do all this, I want "home and family and siblings" to be a wonderful time and memory for them! enjoy the pictures........

Fresh Peach Mango Salsa

Tropical Lime Chicken

We made the shells on the cheesecake with molds, I thought that was fun!!


Jessica said...

Well done!!! WOW!!! Sounds like a great party. Your children are very blessed. I bet you are tired. :) Great pics, fun games and best of all good company!!!! Will you come throw our parties?? :)

( : The Mavs : ) said...

WOOHOO! What a party!!! We had sooo much fun! (we always do when we're with ya'll!) We never cease to be amazed at the extent of your God-given gift of creativity! The food was delicious and the fellowship was terrific! Bethany is such a wonderful young lady and we were honored to be at her party! We had a splendid time! All of your decorations were perfect and beautiful! You and Anna got some really good pictures capturing all the action! Thank you so very much for letting us be a part of Bethany's celebration!!!

Maggie Burnett said...

OH MY!! that looks like SO much fun!!
you are so creative!

John-Clay said...

Whoa! Y'all had some MAJOR PARTY ACTION going on there! :D Looks like y'all had fun.

Hey, Caleb and Dan...I like the hats :P

-stephanie- said...

Beautiful! Looks like a fun time. Your parties give me some great ideas.

Eliya said...

WOW, what a project! You must have worked on that party for a LONG time. Great job! The food looks wonderful. I love that picture of you Mrs. Morris! All the pictures are great - thanks for sharing!

Hannah B. said...

WHOA!!!!! That must have been a BLAST!! I love the little hut! :) Glad y'all had a wonderful time.

Lockwoods said...

The Lord has given you all so much creativity! What a wonderfully fun looking party!!! You know, while I honestly love each day with my children, I'm still in the stage where it's a lot of work and training! When I read posts like this one, I just get so excited thinking of how the joy, love and happiness I have now will just continue to grow and blossom as my little ones do...well, I'd better say "medium ones" too so the older ones don't get too upset :)
The Lord is so good and how blessed we are!!!
Great pics...I love Caleb's and Daniel's hats :) And Mrs. Morris, you look so youthful and full of joy.
Happy Birthday again Bethany! I'm so glad you had such a fun day! I know Joel would have just loved being there too...I can't wait for the day when God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes and we'll live in His glorious presence together forever!
Maybe we'll be neighbors ;)

Lee family said...

Happy birthday Besh! Looks like such a great time!
Adorable picture of you and my daughter Danielle in the hut. Am so glad that she could share your birthday with you. :) Great memories.

Janet said...

Oh my word! You AMAZE me! Your children's parties always look like such fun! I love the decor, and the food looked delish! I agree with Jessica - I want you to come and organize our parties too! LOL! I woke up this morning and one of the first things I thought about was wondering if you'd posted the beach party pics! Stunning! Stay blessed and have a fabulous week-end!

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome Mom for making such wonderful memories for your family.

Lindsay B said...

You are such a great Mom! What a fun idea-you are such a good example of making great memories for your children. Thank you!