Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Growth !!

Hosie in the Corn


We plant, we water and He gives the increase.......I guess I'll cook em' up some "tators" tonight!! The garden is doing well, thank the Lord!! The squash and zucchini plants are soooo very big and have lots of blooms and itty bitty fruit on them. This Saturday is the first "Farmers Market" in town, we will only have a few things this round, but as things grow, Lord willing we should be able to take more.

Last night Dave and Kate came over and we cooked them "Cow on coals!" Alas/ hamburgers. I say it that way because we are going over to their place Thursday and they said they were going to fix "ants on a log." Can anyone pre-warn me as what this might be????? Volley ball after dinner and there were some heated games. It is so fun to be with them and I am so grateful our older children especially can interact witha newlywed couple. David has his own web business and gets to stay at home and work and he is a wonderful example to the older ones of determination, frugleness, and entprenearship and also he is being an example of loving his wife. It is so funny as he shares and gives counsel to the older guys of how they need to "save" their money, (like not buy "snacks" while they are at work) get land, a truck and then "get em' a wife" and THEN buy a ski-do! He has this saying of ok, if you spent this dollar amount on this and that, how much land it will add up to that they could have got with the cash they wasted on snacks, firecrackers, ski-do's or whatever!!! We always have lively conversations and no container could hold our laughs. On his way out of the house last night his last words of the evening raising his arms in cheering them on, was "get you a wife!!" And then I chimed in "the right one!!" We love them dearly and we are blessed by them!!!

Off to do something productive.......like school, clean up and no sun today, so no suntan time...hehee!!


-stephanie- said...

The ants on a log that I know of, are celery sticks with p-nut butter spread on them (or cream cheese) and raisins on top, representing the ants. Love them!

Jessica said...

Beautiful work!! We are doing tomatoes and we have so much to learn!!! :) Youre lucky to have those kind of neighbors. Your little small town sounds filled up with good Godly people. Blessings today.

Anonymous said...

ants on a log are celery with cream cheese and raisins or peanut butter on celery with raisins

Anonymous said...

can I ask what a ski-do Is? Is it a southern slang for something else?