Thursday, June 18, 2009

New hair-do's!

Got "new do's!!!" Bethany looks so young and I look so old!! O, the days of ones youth!

Guess what we are doing????? It starts with a "g." Yep, picking green beans again!!!!


-stephanie- said...

Very cute doos. I like the bangs on Bethany, and you do not look old. We are our worst critic.

Lockwoods said...

You two look like beautiful!

Danielle said...

Lovely hair girls!! :) Can't wait to see you....SOoooOO soon! :)

Besh, aren't you glad I was the first to give you bangs? LOL

Janet said...

My you two do look smart. I am going for a new hair do tomorrow and I so want something different! As for the beans ... I wish we could help! I sure you get quite tired!
Have a fabulous week-end!

Emma and Mommy said...

You both look beautiful! You are too hard on yourself, you don't look old at all.

I like bangs on Bethany. She has such a pretty face and it looks nice framed like that.

Eliya said...

I do NOT think you look old Mrs. Morris! You look very young - especially to be the mother of 13. Maybe having lots of children helps keep one young. :-) I would guess most people think you are younger than you are. I have people who still think I am 16 (I'm 22). I keep telling myself that when I'm 40 I'll be glad if people think I look that much younger ;-) It's just hard to get used to because up until I was about 14, people always thought I was older than I was because I was so tall. Now it is reversed.
I think both you and Besh look very nice.

chad and jessica said...

You are both beautiful. If I get to thirteen children I pray I look as good as you :) Oh we are going to order spurgeons morn. eve. one that you told me about so thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Dara Steward said...

Both so beautiful! I agree... I will be thankful if I look half that good after half as many kiddos!

Love ya'll.