Thursday, June 4, 2009

Badges and Bargains!!!

Elijah got his Volunteer Fireman's badge last night. This is right up his alley!!! The other night we were outside playing volley ball and I said "look at that smoke." It seemed it was just across the pasture a bit and then within 15 minutes Elijah's pager went off! He was off like lightening, wheels spinning and all! Sirens were heard and then as fast as Elijah left a whole boat load of them loaded in the truck and on the 4-wheeler. The fire was less than a half mile. A fellow was taking apart an old trailer house and burning it and it got out of control. The children got see Elijah in action. It all went well as far as getting it out.

This morning I headed out to do some thrift store shopping. I stopped at a few garage sales as well. Jeremiah has been making a request for a bike and we have told him to "go and pray." I found one at a garage sale for $10. Now I have 3 more to find. I found quite a bit of things at the thrift stores. Terry needed some short sleeve work shirts and he likes 100% cotton and I found three of them, name brand and very summer looking....yeah!!! It was a bargain day for sure!!

We are headed over to Dave and Kate's for those "ants on a log," and "wedding sandwiches." They always have to make everything an adventure!! I am sure we'll get in some volley ball over there too.

Last night Colton came over and ate dinner with us and played volley ball. He wanted to come over and practice music with Caleb and Daniel. It was a fun evening and I guess we broke him in pretty good, he wants to keep coming back :) The Wilson Family came over for Memorial Day and the guys decided they needed time to practice and get some music together!!

Better go........


Teena said...

I need to thrift shop more often. :) You got some really good deals. :)

I still LOVE your patio... how beautiful. Peaceful.

thinking of you.


Emma and Mommy said...

Elijah sure sounds like he has found something he is good at and enjoys. I am so happy for him. Sad there had to be a fire like that, but glad he got to get his "feet wet" so to speak.

Good deal on the bike. Garage sales and thrift stores are one of my all time favorite places to shop. Luckily I live about 10 mins walking distance to the local Goodwill and they have some good deals.