Monday, June 15, 2009

Fireman, Farmer, Fellowship, Forte !

Can you guess why I am writing in GREEN????? Well I have seen a lot of green this morning and will see more here in a bit. Green beans are everywhere!!! I have picked 3 rows and have 4 more to go. I plan on canning today, Lord willing. I'll let you know how it goes!

Fireman, Farmer, Fellowship and Forte !!

These four words tell about our weekend! Fireman has to do with Elijah and how he and another fireman went to Ace Hardware here in town and they were having an anniversary sale and had all kinds of city and community cars and trucks for children to explore around in. Firetrucks, police cars, sheriff and stuff like that. We dropped by after the Farmer's Market so the little people can see "Elijah's truck."

Next....Farmer's Market. It went really well, thankfully. We sold 26 pounds of green beans at $4.50 a pound which is a blessing of extra provision. We also sold soap and onions. We actually do better selling them than keeping them as far as profit, yet they are so good and healthy for ya, so I do plan on canning some too!!

Fellowship comes next with a big day on Sunday. We attended our church and David and Kate joined us. After that we headed over to the church we attended for 7 years so that Hosanna and Jeremiah could participate in a Piano Recital with the Burnett family. So that would be the next word and the only word that I could come up with musically that starts with an F is Forte, which will work because Jeremiah likes to play loud!!!! They both did a great job and today they expressed how much fun it was to do that. Anna is a fine teacher for them and does it so cheerfully. I am so grateful she treats them like other students and has enthusiasm with them as sometimes older siblings can act all happy with other peoples children and not do do with their own siblings. So she is consistent and for that I am grateful. And to top the afternoon and evening off after the recital the Burnett family and Dave and Kate came to our house for dinner and volleyball. It was alot of fun and so good to fellowship with such dear folks!!

I can not be long here, I have to go get some lids to can, a battery for my scale, and Caleb a pillow (we left his in AR) And then back to the GREEN BEANS.


Mountain Mama said...

Ya God! Love how he provides ~ even through green beans.

Would love to sit and "snap beans" with you and then steam a few to eat. yum!

The recital pictures are adorable!

Yes, it is raining bikes in OK and raining horses in UT. Again, fun to see how God provides. He is so good!!

Anonymous said...

You'll end up dreaming in green! :D
I like the pictures where the kids are with the piano. Plus the Fireman truck is awesome! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. =)