Monday, June 29, 2009

A Girley Day !! (and clues.....)

Clue #3 your warm, but its not, yours is running too but you will not have to catch it!! (Time will be extended until 6 pm central time...come on!!!!

Clue # 2 These are the coolest items!!!

******Ok....a clue ...."even though they are the same, yet not a like, they are the same color." We'll see how that clue goes, stay tuned for more if you all do not get with it!!!! *******

****I forgot I wanted to play a little game**** We went to an auction over the weekend and we got two somethings...they are the same but not alike, can you guess what it is??? The first one to guess will receive a little gift****** Oh and Dave and Kate can not play, they were there and I think they might have told the Wilson's so you'll have to zip your lips too!!!! I'll announce the winner tomorrow Tuesday, the 30th, at 5 pm central time

It was "girls" day out! First we went to some thrift and re-sale stores and we found several things! Next we went to a Tea Room and had a wonderful, refreshing meal and we likely were way tooooo loud and rowdy! Mercy thought this way major big girl stuff. She was prancing around with her hat on and was making us smile with her little self!! I enjoyed being with the girls and I am sure Terry manhandled the guys here while we were out!

Now its down to business as we are back! It's corn pickin' time. They are out picking and I am making preparations to cut it off the cob, blanch it and then freeze it. Hope to get alot in the freezer.

I am thankful Dave and Kate are having us over for dinner tonight. Danielle and Besh are making desert to take over.

Busy days ahead......Danielle is heading out Wed. and Terry's folks are comin' in on Thursday and then we Lord willing we have a big 4th planned with alot of friends. Remember the red blanket that Joel had on him in many of the pictures when he was in ICU, it had "I Love Joel" on it, the family that made it for him is hosting a big 4th party. Dave and Kate are going to go with us.....its sure to be a "wild" time with them around!!!

Gotta git to the corn........


-stephanie- said...

Looks like a fun day.

And what kind of a clue is that!? Not much of any hint there. :o)

I'll guess you bought 2 goats at the auction.

Lindsay B. said...

oooooh, I love that tea room. I've taken my girls there for their birthdays. The tea room makes the time so special. I love Mercy's face in the hat with her cookie.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Cute pics...... okay I will play the game.....

dishwasher, stove...... wait did you say they were the same? Ok... ummmmmm horses, pigs, cows...... ducks...hehehehe.... I am probably off but it was fun anyhow!


Emma and Mommy said...

Hmm that is a tough one, might have to give us a few more clues!

I want to go to the tea room, I am thinking of taking Emma and Ella soon. Or maybe just Ella the first time so we can check things out, since Emma can't drink tea anyway. Some times we have special days with just each girl, and Ella loves tea parties

John-Clay said...

That's a classic picture of you Mrs. M - I like it!

Petie said...

How fun! Is that the Inspirations tea room? I LOVE that place! Looks like ya'll had fun!!!

God bless!

*I know what you bought, I know what you bought* but I'm not gonna say!!!

-stephanie- said...

lawnmowers? tractors?

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

It sounds to me like a car or a vehicle. I don't normally comments, but i love to play guessing games.

Chad. (Jessica's Husband)

Anonymous said...

Since they are the same but not alike and are the same color would it be a washer and dyer? Or since it is the above and the coolest item would it be two window air conditioners.
The Young Family

-stephanie- said...


Denise said...