Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I John 2:13

Anyone that has ever had children knows what it is like to have a child cling to you, bury their head in your shoulder as if shy, scared or of being around people they are not familiar with. As a baby becomes more aware of recognizing family members, those that take care of them, the little child or baby only wants them and they do not go to others easily. Mercy is 3 and she bounces around with all her siblings with out any cautions and she finds comforts from them many times even instead of me, which I do not mind at all. I enjoy seeing her find a refuge in those that she "knows." But she is very shy acting around other people and even the church family folks. One of the hardest thoughts with Joel being absent form us is the tender age of 3 that he was, is how can a child that only knows his families care and only being with us not be sad to not be with us anymore. You know how our minds think because we only have experiences here to compare to. I guess I think of a child and them being in a place they are not familiar with and how scary that would be. I think of, say Mercy and if she was left in an unfamiliar place and how afraid she would be. So I say all that because I have often thought this of Joel. Up until today, I just have to keep bring these thoughts captive to the Lord and trusting that all is well and that Joel did and does not feel this way. I am so blessed when I find a scripture that speaks to a deep cry of my heart and I just want to still know all is well with Joel. Its just our mom instinct with our children, we want to know about them, where they are, if they have needs, if they are cared for and so on. The scripture was in I John 2:13, I write unto, little children, because you have known the Father. While Joel was here for the 3 years, 4 months and 10 days, Terry and I sought with everything in us to make known the Father to him. From with in the womb to his last breath our hearts were to make known unto Joel that Jesus was real. We did this by speaking of the Lord throughout our daily lives, by praying for him and with him, by Terry having times in the evenings as we gathered as a family and read the scriptures and prayed, as we trained him in speaking forth scriptures to him as and when he did not obey or did not want to dwell together in unity with his siblings. Like a little book we read, "we spoke of Jesus love and care." So this morning I found a comfort from this Scripture in that as my mind seems to billow with thoughts of my child being afraid or unfamiliar with his transport and his new dwelling place, "he has known the Father." Joel knew of the Lord, this Person that you could not see but Whom we prayed to, we spoke of, we sang of, we honored in our home. I will never forget the days when he and Josiah would swing on the double seat swing side by side and I would sing "Jesus loves me" to them. They knew of His name, so as Joel met the Lord at heavens gate he knew of the Father and that makes my heart feel comfort. Like I have said in the past, unless you've gone this path, its incredible where your mind tends to dwell and that's where the beautiful words of scripture come in and literally cast down the doubts, the fears, the hopelessness and all the humanness that we are and transports our minds to things above where it is surely more peaceful. I hope your finding the Scriptures as rich and full as it has no limits as to meet our needs. The fountain is ever flowing, the river is ever full, the grace is never ending!!

We are gearing up for Danielle's (Dannie Marie) arrival. Bethany and Anna have gone to the airport to pick her up and we are looking forward to the visit and "adventures." Bethany's 2oth BD is tomorrow, Wednesday and we are getting ready to have a fun evening, Lord willing at the "Beach Party."

Thankful for you all.......


Lockwoods said...

Bethany...you and I share the same birthday! I must have been born earlier in the day though since I'm turning 36 and you'll only be 20 :) May the Lord bless you with a wonderful day and may you make more wonderful memories with your dear family and friends. How fun to have Danielle come visit!
Cindy...your posts always touch my heart and keep you always in my prayers.

Jessica said...

Cindy- You are right, we have no clue the feelings and thoughts that are thrown at you daily...... He does. His thoughts are higher than ours, praise God. Little sweet Joel entered the Kingdom of our Father who is the Prince of Peace..... I can imagine the entrance of Joel going into a place where there is no fear, no tears and no pain......Oh what a day that would be. Every time I read your posts about Joel it moves me. May your heart be filled with the peace Joel;s heart is now filled with. Blessings and much love.

Holly said...

I hope Bethany had a great birthday, 20 is a fun age!