Thursday, June 25, 2009

Country Swimming..

If your going to be outside, this is about the only comfortable place to be....water!! And we just got this tank at the auction they went to last weekend. It is sooo hot here, been at 100* all week. When its that hot outside and you come into a house with only a few window units it even makes it feel cool. Danielle is enduring the warmness in the house so maybe its not too bad. The living room stays around 78-80*, the boys room about 74* and the hallway and other bedrooms are the warmest, 84-85* My dad and Shirley better wait for a "cool" spell before a visit:) Its gonna be alright!!!

I am regaining energy from the Beach Party, I took a mini nap, which I rarely do because I think it caught up with me. Tonight we are having a garden meal, red potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh green beans & squash and I guess I'll have to give the guys some meat, so I plan to make some BBQ meatballs!! And we'll have some onions, cucumbers on the side chilled!!

The guys have been around here this week , a few small jobs but next week they have a build block house they hope to start on. A lot of bids out, just waiting on confirmation.

We are having fun with Danielle, I think we do not shock her too much anymore, we'll have to work on that!!


( : The Mavericks : ) said...

Haha! David and I have started to jump into our stock tank several times! He and my Dad have done it a couple times in the past! So refreshing!
Corn on the cob... oh I can't wait til we get some!!! Maybe that's the latest craving; grilled corn on the cob!;) What a blessing that your garden is producing so much! Have a fun evening!

Laura said...

Those are hilarious pictures! I love the cows standing around. :)

Teena said...

Loved looking at all the pics. What a wonderful beach party. I know they will always remember it. Especially Bethany.

Thanks for the recipes... can you share the cheesecake recipe?

Praying for you ....


Charity B. said...

Wow! Looks like alot of fun! It HAS been very hot lately.