Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Beans !!!!

Beans, beans the American food the more.........65 cans of beans on the shelf, take one down.......Beans, Beans Beans we canned merrily all day long..... (I was not merry all the way) I guess all those songs are not too good of ones, huh?? I just need to sing a "thank you song," but I am rather sick of beans right now!!! We are finishing up 48 quarts with one breaking so far. Different ones have helped and now Terry and I are in the last stretch!!! So far altogether we have done 65 quarts. I hope we can sell much more because I am not wanting to can anymore right now!!!!

Did you see the sunflowers?? It sure has been fun for the children to see them get sooo tall! I had no idea they would get that big!!!

I think in the morning I am going to try to do some very early grocery shopping at the stores that are open 24 hours and ones that open at 7am to try to beat the heat with no A/C in the van and then maybe go again Fri. morn and do the same thing. Some of the stores do not open until 10 am and that makes me run into the afternoon heat. I have to get some things for the upcoming BD's.

Anyone still walking?? I am still hanging but now since it so warm and the treadmill is in our room and with no air in there, I have been walking really late at night. I am still trying to eat meat and green stuff and occasionally sneek a "spoonful" of something yummy!! To be honest when it gets hot, I enjoy eating light anyway. Grabbing a garden cucumber and a piece of cow cheese from the dairy suits me, but that kind of stuff does not go well with all the hungry belly's at lunch. Let's keep it up if your still in to it!!!

The guys are enduring the heat ok. They just finished up a big safe room out of Build Block! There are possibilites out there for work, we are praying for favor that the bids and jobs will be accepted.

Looks like I'll be up awhile yet but need to go and check out the canner and make sure it does not blow us up..... :)


-stephanie- said...

I loved your little songs. But, yeah...that's a lot of beans.

I agree about eating light on hot days. I made a spinach/strawberry/goat cheese/almond/raspberry-hazelnut vinaigrette salad. So delicious!

Mountain Mama said...

Wow! You all are "swimming" in beans. Just think of the beans this will LOVE them.

Your gardens look beautiful. And the sunflowers are huge!!

I wish we could take some of your heat. It has rained pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks. And the highs are about 65. When is summer coming to the mountains?

What sweet pictures of your family with Joel in the previous post.

Dara Steward said...

I was thinking as I read your post how thankful I am for cameras. What a precious gift to be able to see our family as they were and remember those sweet times. Often, I fear forgetting all the firsts and the things Evan does that simply melt my heart. What a joy to know we don't have to forget when those moments are captured on film.

I am going to pass along this link to my friend Monica, who lost her son, a twin, when he was just several months old. You are so honest with your feelings, yet always come back to Our Lord, our only hope!

I got a little bit of a late start on my garden, but I so enjoy seeing those veggies growing. I have much to learn, I know. I would love to have some of those beans... where do you sell them? Is there a farmer's market in Guthrie?

Love you guys!

Kathy said...

You'll enjoy the fruit of your labor this winter. Right now I'm picking, pitting and dehydrating cherries. There are so many on the tree this year. I'm thankful, but tired!

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Hi Cindy, You're canning so many beans you're going to turn green **grin** Great job!!
I'm still walking. I try to walk to the back bush and home again with my dog Boomer each night. My daughter Heidi walked with us tonight as she's home for the weekend. I have a treadmill as well. I went an hour on it on the night we had rain.

Your garden looks incredible! I think the prize you sent me was placed on the back of a postal turtle. It still hasn't arrived. I can't wait to see it~~ It made the week just zoom by watching for the mail car each day :)