Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lake Day #2

I think Terry might be having more excitement than us.....we're just sleeping late, not working, eating, carefree, swimming, boating, sitting around, fishing and then we start all over again. This morning Terry went to the Farmer's Market ( he had some children from our fellowship help him out) and he sold 15 gallons of green beans minus enough in the bottom for a meal, quite a it bit of squash and zucchini and he didn't tell me about the onions but likely he sold some of those too!! Now that is exciting!! He had to go ahead to the market with the produce since we were not there to can but I sure want to get some caned when we get back. That would have likely canned around 40 quarts, an estimation.

Shirley fixed us a wonderful lunch and their belly's settle and they are back in the water. I got Mercy down for a nap and thought I would pop in her real quick and say hi. This is sure fun but I miss my farm, the country and of course Terry:)

I read a scripture this morning in Phil. 4:18, But I have all, (or received) and abound: I am full.... A few posts back I mentioned all the "I wants" from this trial and you have to understand there is the part of me will always want. We have a body, a soul and a spirit. My body wants to have and to hold Joel, my arms are not full with him gone. My soul, that part that makes up our emotions, feelings, who we are, that part misses him too. I miss being his mommy and of course all the emotions that it encompasses. In the scripture that I read it spoke to my spirit, that part of me that has been redeemed, changed by His power and in that place I abound, I am full, I have all. What more can Christ do for me there? He has given grace, comfort and has allowed me to keep on living a life with hope to be with Joel in the future. I have received promises from Him, encouragements from the Word. Of course I would take Joel back in a second but thats not how it works, I have Christ, I have all!! The Lord has given, I have received, I abound in my spirit and at the same time my heart and emotions feel empty. If I choose to dwell on the full part I do well and there I must camp. I am human, you are, what mom or parents wouldn't be drawn to those places at times. I guess after I read that I felt like, Yes, Christ has done what he said he would....he gives grace to go through and he also gives "follow up" grace. I am still experiencing grace and I am glad the supply will will out last me and it will "forward" me to where it flows from someday!!

Well better go and see what they are up to......

Its a bit hard to load pictures here and Bethany is on the water so I might see if I can later.

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Teena said...

So glad you are having a wonderful time.... memories being made. :)

We have a new surprise over at our blog... come see.

Praying always for you....