Friday, June 5, 2009

V-e-r-y Interesting Morning.....

**** We'll go with "working" cell phones......does anyone have 6?? E-mail me*****

We had a great time last night with Dave and Kate and we even came away with another bike and it was FREE!!! Now only two more to find!!!

I was off to a great start this morning going to a few more garage sells and hit the grocery store as well. I was on a mission to find the rest of the bikes. As I drove along I made sure and let the Lord know I was searching for these bikes and ask Him to bless with answering this request. I was going to a neighborhood that Terry mentioned, one of those fancy ones they had worked in a few weeks ago and there was a sign up.....but when I got there it was going to be on sad!!! I did not have my strategies planned, I was just going to look for signs. I decided to make a turn and go a route I had never been. I am going along not seeing ANY garage signs and start heading in the direction of the grocery store and what do you know I see one. I missed the turn and had to go back and I finally made my back to all the arrows. Things are looking good as I drive up....I spot TWO bikes!!! I walk over and check them out and of course the cheapy or rather thrifty person in me decided to ask the owner if she would take $10 instead of $15 for the one. she said YES!! I checked the other one out, $10, but it is so little.....I'll talk in a minute about that one, I wanted to see what else they had. I found a child tool box with real tools full of stuff for $3. I picked up a little purse for Mercy, .50 cents!!And then they start getting more stuff out and they pop another bike up. It had $20 on it, but super nice! I also saw a childs picnic table and she said she would take $ kind of stuff!! I am ready to check out and tell them I want the two big bikes, the little bike, the picnic table, the tool box and purse and it cost $44 for all. What a deal. I got back in the van and boy was I full of that is!!!! I found exactly what was needed and all at ONE place!!! I called home and told the big news and of course they are calling me back every 30 minutes asking "where are ya???" Now we have a grand total of 6 new/used bikes, including Mercy's!!!!

Now for the rest of the story........ On to the grocery I went, checked out, loaded up, get in van, turn key.......nothing!!!! The key will not turn. It did this about 4 days ago. The ingnition is locked up. I sit there and try and try, turning the steering wheel, jiggling and thought I better proceed to pray. Praying, praying and still nothing, the key WILL NOT turn. Soooooo, I call Terry and thankfully they are at home today and he gives me some pointers but to no avail. "ok, dear, I'll be there shortly." I guess I thought we had just about everything replaced on this piece of_______(provision) :) NOT....I guess one more thing, the ignition switch. I have at least 40 minutes to spend time doing something, so I thought I would call my dear friend, "Mrs. B/alas Cheryl." We talk, I am jiggling and still all is vain in trying to get this silly key to turn. Next.....why not???? Can't hurt......I then proceed to walk around the van and talk and the exercise of about 7 times around and around, thinking surely it worked for one, why not me??? But it was not God's will because after my march, the key still did not turn, and I could not blow the horn because thats broke too!! Ok, I call Terry and see where he is and he's almost there. He tries but nothing changes. He's so kind to take me on to the places I needed to go, we had to pick up his cell phone and then we swing back by hoping what happened a few days ago will happen now. A few days ago when this happened, after about an hour, Micah went to start it and it turned on beautifully. I hopped out of the truck and go try but it still will not budge. Terry parks and comes over, wiggles it and in seconds it TURNS ON!!! We both look at each ohter and he says, "miracleous!!" If this had not worked, we were looking at him coming back up here, 40 minutes away and working on it in the parking lot. Now we can head home and he can fix it there.....yea a million times!!!!!

Wow.....when I get home, they are like tigers on meat wanting to see the bikes..... excitement like major!! Mercy is so happy and she has already learned to peddle it. I am more blessed by receiving these bikes this way than having all the cash needed to go buy brand new ones!! It was fun too having my dear husband take me around and I had air conditioning in that fine truck of theirs, forgot what that was like!!!

Ok....nobody has 8 cell phones???? What about 6??? The first one to e-mail me a picture will get the "Summer Box."

And lastly, I guess I am completely "out of date." A ski-do would be a jet ski!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love garage sales!

Funny story about kids and bikes:

Several years ago my younger brother was riding an old bike of mine that was in good condition. Only problem was, it was pink, and all the neighbor kids were teasing him. My Dad, wanting to teach a lesson of thriftiness, that you don't just go buy everything you want, decided to tape the pink bike with camouflage tape. He found the tape at a hunting store and he and mom set to work. It took hours to tape the bike and ended up being a lot more work than Dad had bargained for. If I remember correctly, the tape job didn't look too good but my brother was thrilled with it and rode the bike for quite a while.

The funny part was, I think Dad ended up paying more for the camo tape than it would have cost for a new bike :0)

Anonymous said...

Do all the cell phones have to be in service? I probably have more than eight that we have broke in the past and just hung onto. :)

Jessica said...

What an eventful morning. It made me tired just reading it. :) I LOVE yardsaling and thrift stores too. In fact that was my morning only not as eventful as yours. I went to St. Vincents and you can fill up a bag for a dollar on selected things...... talk about my kind of fun!!! I fill that bag so full and am amazed at all I get for a dollar, including a new skirt, 3 baskets, hot pads, pic frame, shoes, few toyss... and more. Well enough babbling. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We think and talk of you all often. I wanted to tell you my daughter Gracie said this the other day "mommy, are we gonna meat that little boy that looks like Caleb in heaven some day? I said absolutely and we are gonna play and have so much fun. She smiled and was happy. Now she asks every day. It is sweet. Okay I said I would stop babbling and there I go..... :) Bless you.

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

.We have six cell phones in our family. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get them all together at once time for a photo however :)