Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gals and gardens!!

Terry's got em some sweet little gals to help in the garden! Hope it rains soon.....its kinda hard to water an almost acre garden with a hose!!!

Yesterday and today have been so nice!!! Being outside in the sun has been my goal!!! I could just sit out there for hours......I do!! :) Once again routine of teh Texas job has settled in. Guys home on the weekends and then back to work! Terry and Elijah are in town this week and even got to come home for lunch they were so close!! The Dallas news said there was a tornado in Grandview over the weekend so when they got to the job site, pallets of the foam blocks were strewn all over. The news reported the library there had their roof torn off. Glad they came home for the weekend!

Our garden is growing but we need rain desperately! We are enjoying spinach, lettuce, onions and radishes......all makes a perfect salad! We still have much more to plant but Terry was really hoping for some rain, the ground is so hard. Hoping rain comes soon otherwise our Farmers Market endeavors could be hurt starting in June.

The little children are building another add-on to their playhouse. If I dont hurry and get our next phase of cabinets, they are going to surpass me in our add-on progress! The cabinet guy said he is hoping to install on Sat. but its not definite. But for sure the first of the week. Then I will call the granite peoples to come measure and then I will breath!! haha! If you know me, I like to finish projects quickly and this kitchen project has been an interesting way to help me learn to wait upon the Lord for His provision. Its funny, by the time we get it ALL finished the beginning will need to be re-done....just kidding!!! I am grateful to Terry for his hard work and he always puts working on it as we have provision before anything he needs for his his own purpose here on the farm. He is very sacrificial. Micah (16) has taken up golfing....out in the pasture! Its Lucas' fault! Elijah is still on the dirt bike thing. Both arms have huge scars.....gives me heebies!! Bethany is very busy with her goat operation, selling milk, selling babies and busy with Lucas!! :) Anna is fixing to explore the world by air. Doing a photography workshop in Maryland. Just hope she makes all the connections. Hosie, Jeremiah, Josh all got new bikes, so they are loving that and Elijah has built dirt jumps that I can hardly stand to watch them jump. I am a wimp!! Caleb and Daniel, poor things they are just busy with work and more work and often find them asleep if they ever get a couch! The weekends are too short to do much activities but they squeeze a few in.

I read a verse a few days ago, Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins. Ps. 25:18. Our sorrows and our sin need to be taken to the same place....the foot of the cross. I still take my sorrow there and his grace is so sufficient and it carries me to go along with a content heart of knowing that all is well with His plan. I sin, and I find too, that as I get at his feet, confessing my sin, He is so Faithful to forgive and the great part is His grace is so powerful to help overcome the things that I do that are not pleasing to Him, and then there is great mercies new each day for the challenges that I still need to overcome through Him! Both sin and sorrow in our hearts require a plea towards the Lord. I think sometimes we cry out more to the Lord to remove our afflictions verses crying out towards him in confession of sin. Nevertheless, He will heed our cries in both areas. What a Faithful and merciful God and Savior I have!!

Hope you all are enjoying the warm weather!! Windows open here.....pollen everywhere, but it feels sooo nice!!


Anne said...

My parents have a farm in Grandview it's where I grew up) and are still without power as of this afternoon. Thankfully they are okay, as is their home, though the farm took a beating. Their stuff is strewn about the 200 acres, and the barn is no longer standing. The also lost lots of huge old trees...but God is good, they are safe, and their home is safe as well.

Prayers going out for everyone as they walk the journey of recovering and cleaning up after the storms.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there is a lot going on there! I sure enjoyed spending the weekend with ya'll. Thanks for having me! :)

Corrie was telling me all about her photography class in Maryland...how exciting! :)

Come on and enjoy the sun here in Blanchard sometime soon for some volleyball!!! :)

The Ahlgren Family said...

The pictures of Hosie and Mercy helping Terry in the garden are so special! I'm sure he loves the company! And we do need rain, desperately! Although ya'll's garden look a lot better than ours, so maybe we just need 16 years worth of organic matter instead! :D
Thanks for sharing that verse!
Enjoy your vitamin D today! :)