Monday, April 18, 2011

this week!!

No pictures.....Anna is still gone!!!!

Weekend came and went all toooooooo fast!!! Guys were here, great to be together!!! I feel so blessed not because of anything that has to do with me, it has ALL to do with the Lord, His goodness in allowing me to have a wonderful husband, and incredible children!!! Probably because we are in this phase but I think the phase of life we are in now is the most exciting, happy and fun season of our family. Having older children yet still having a little girl is so special!! I am just so thankful!!

Anna is having a grand time!! I'm getting lots of txts and pictures of all the places they are exploring!! Can't wait to share some pictures when she gets back!!! Yesterday they were around the Shenandoah Valley in West Virginia seeing Civil War sites! Hard to believe one can stand at locations where faithful heros fought for what we get to experiences now.....freedoms!! I think she said also she was learning so much.....which is a good thing, thats why she went!! haha!!!

This is my favorite week of the year! Passion week. I don't think I ever really thought like I do now of what all this week means. To me this week means that I WILL see Joel again!!!!!!! This week means Joel will one day have a resurrected body that I can touch, hold, and feel again!! This week means that I can live with a "lively" hope of what is yet to come! This week means that I have been changed and clothed with His righteousness. This week means that I am forgiven because of His blood. This week means to me that one day this mortal body will take on immortality and I will never die. This week means that all my sorrow and death that came to a little 3 yr olds body is swallowed up in victory!! I love this week. I love the Resurrected Lord!!!
May you find things this week that remind you of Christ! This morning I went to town and when I came out of one of the stores, church bells were ringing! It reminded me of Him, how He died for His church, His people, and then the gladsome hope of living today and trusting Him for all the simple daily tasks, trials, desires, prayers, yearnings that we face each day! It was such a joyous sound to my heart! I am thankful today!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!!!!


Teena said...

I love this time of year too... it is my favorite.

Glad to hear about Anna.

My heart is sad today as this weekend we found out that Dimmy the nephew of Maureen (the girl Mandi stayed with in Kenya) passed away. He was 8. He had TB. It is so sad to me. We wrote him letters and sent him pkgs. He is with Jesus now and is completely healed. My heart is still broken for Maureen.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Your faith and joy are so encouraging to me!!