Thursday, April 14, 2011

she made it!!!!

Chesapeake Bay!!
(phone pics!!)

Anna made it safely to Maryland!!!!! She is lookn at this and imma lookin at tons of laundry, dishes, and dinner!!! But I am so happy for her!!! She is missed already but her quote was, "I am having the time of my life!!" There's just fun in spreading your wings for adventure!! So the Photography Workshop begins Friday but there will be lots of fun in gotta go places to take pictures!!! hahah!!

Fixn to get the pizza going for the few that are here, Terry and I are going out to eat or something!!! He is always so thoughtful to take me!!

Glad the weekend is almost here, ready for the guys to come home!!

Happy Thursday!!!

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Anonymous said...

i'm praying for Corrie while she's gone! I hope she has a fabulous time! How long will she be gone?