Monday, April 25, 2011

small talk......

To all that "subscribe" to our blog and you received an update notice, but when you checked it out, the post was not there, no worries, it will be posted soon again! And if you do not suscribe and you have no idea what this about then no worries for you, I have a post that I am saving and will re-post it soon!!

Hope you all had a great Resurrection Day! We sure did! A great message from our Pastor, tons of good food, 3 different kinds of desserts, an afternoon of being together, watching the Three Stooges, and lots of rain which is an answer to prayer!!! Since it was raining outside, I did not even take a picture. :( We are due a family pic, so maybe one of the next few Sundays we can.

All the guys headed to Texas this week. Hoping to get it finished!!! I will be so happy to have jobs close at home after this! If you think about it, counting the Ada job which started last Aug and then with only a week break after and starting this job, they have not been home much since last Aug!

Tomorrow, Jeremiah has a dentist appt, he has a cavity!! He is not looking forward to it at all. I guess a cavity once a year is not bad considering all the mouths and teeth in our household! Thankful for health in our family.

I can not wait for the next 4 months, they are my favorite, May, June, July and August. I like them because they are hot and very hot! A lot of happenings are on the horizon. Bethany has some dairy shows, the older ones are playing in some dear friends wedding, a few short summer trips, helping with Vacation Bible school at our church, and just all the lazy days of summer!!!

This weekend we are having a sweet newly wed couple visit us. We met them at the wedding we went to last August in Illinois. They are passing through on their way to Kentucky.

Guess I am up for dinner tonight, its really Bethany's night but she and Andrew are looking at a dirt bike for him he found on craigslist, soooooo its me to fix dinner. Guess I am making Fajitas's and some guacamole dip.

Oh the banquet Bethany and I served at Thursday night went well, but our feet were a bit tired!! It actually was a banquet to raise support and money for the pregnancy crises center here in town, so a very worthy cause. It was far different than the last banquet I helped at last that was a wedding and a wild one at that!!!!

Well, this post was just some small talk, nothing major!! Have a great evening!!! We are still going through the "Little House Series" on DVD. We are on season 8. I told the children, I feel like Charles and Caroline are my neighbors. I am going to miss them when we are done !!! hahah!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I was one that saw the post!!!! I was so excited and I clicked and nothing!!!! So i got to read like one sentance and see a pic!!!! You can imagine how hard that was!!! :) I havent commented forever but still check ya. I just love hearing about you all. Take care and what an exciting season I think you are in!!!!


Brittney said...

I saw it on my dashboard...My dad was able to see the whole thing in Google Reader even after you deleted it :-)Great post! So excited for them!

Elisabeth Lindsey said...

Are JT and Anna visiting y'all?!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I saw it in my google reader too...the whole thing :) I was super happy...especially what you said about Joel and the blog and all...but I won't say anything else till you post again about whatever it was you posted about :)
Jaynee :)

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

My family and I read your blog all the time but I rarely comment. So I am now very curious about the future post. Also we just recently went through the entire Little House series. It took many many months and we did skip a few and watch a few more than once. What you said was funny I also felt like Charles and Caroline were my close friends but when I was a kid I just focused on Laura and Mary. Watching it as an adult made me admire Caroline so much. I do not care for Little House a new Beginning when Ma and Pa leave. We couldn't even watch it. Post soon!!!! Can't wait to see your new happenings!

Gottjoy! said...

We went through the Little House series a few years ago and even went through the 'reunion' movies. Although, we all agreed we weren't fond of the last seasons.

Looking forward to your future post=)....

Jen said...

Once you are done with Little House, move on to The Waltons. We love them!!

Also I am wondering when we will hear some wedding news???