Thursday, April 7, 2011

the real us!!!

a real farm fam picture!!!


thought you would get a kick
outta this one!!!!

several are missing!!!

oh well, thats how it is these days!!!

remember my friend Nikki that
came for a visit....she took it on a whim that day she
was here!!!

but I guess its the "real" us!!!!

the reason I like it so much,
is because I think everyone
is smiling
which is sooooooo rare!!!!!



Shanna said...

LOVE IT!!!! What a wonderful picture!!

Teena said...

I love it.... I love the real YOU. It is then that we see how Jesus has blessed, carried, worked in your life.... it is then that we see that everyone is not perfect... and it helps us all to seek Him because He is the perfect one....

I love love love love the picture!


Elisabeth Lindsey said...

I love the real yous! ;)

The Morris Family said...

Goodnight! haha mom I look like I'm about 12 in that picture! lol! :)