Wednesday, January 11, 2012

beach photo shoot 2011

We made it to the beach for a photo shoot with the most awesome photographer there is, and my white picture frame....... but I left the letter "M" somewhere in between Oklahoma and Florida! (you will notice when you see the picture below) But hey, everything can not always be perfect, especially when 14+ people are trying to smile, keep their eyes open at a white beach blaring sunny day!! I am very happy with the pictures and very grateful to Kristen for taking them for us!! How could I go to a beach and not take a family photo!! I couldn't!!!!!

Florida Christmas at the Beach 2011

the sun was sooooo bright on the white sand......hard to keep those eyes open!

ok, notice anything......we dont know how to spell...hahah!!!
this was the one i mentioned.....the "M" got lost somewhere!!!!

I wanna go back to the beach.....missing it!!!

we added a few extra special gals in this one.......

Josh 13, Mercy 5, Anna 19, Elijah 21, Bethany 22, Hosanna 9, Daniel 24, Caleb 24
Jeremiah 11, Micah 17, Josiah 8, and Andrew 15
.....and we miss you Joel!!!


i think these are soooooo sweet!!!!!

Mercy and Josiah!!

Hosanna, Josiah, and Mercy!!

the mom and dad of this crew!!

......and here is the awesome, beautiful couple!!!


Melissa and Elijah!

Thank you Kristen!!!! Wonderful memories from the beach at Christmas!!!!



Teena said...

I love them all! Love the beach! So thankful all of you were able to go and enjoy yourself. Wonderful memories!

Just beautiful!


Cheryl said...

Oh, I LOVE the pictures Mrs. M!!! We really need a new one for our refrigerator! =) Miss ya'll!


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm thinking, in the picture with Merry Christas you should edit the photo and paste an angel in the blue sky holding an "M" :)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

I'm still amazed at all of these beautiful pictures.

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for sending me the link to the post on the scripture! It was so beautiful and inspirational and full of hope! I have been thinking of you this month even though I am slow to write. You are so courageous. Thank you for sharing your journey and passing on some wisdom to the others of us who are walking a similar road.
Your sister in Him,