Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the new look!!

How do you like the "new look?" Maybe I shouldn't ask that!!! Oh well, I like it and it is staying!! A few more things to do! Big thanks to a special friend who is giving the new look!! Maybe someday I will become a computer expert!! Haha!

Hope your day is great!! Terry and I are going out to ear tonight and sounds like the older ones have a big night planned with people coming over here! I hope they remember they are suppose to watch our children ! Ha!

Thank you for the sweet and encouraging comments in the post from yesterday! It really meant it to me for you to take the time and comment! You really made my day of remembrance much easier!



Teena said...

Continuing to pray (extra) and will... all the way to my Mandi's birthday which is the 23rd. May God continue to pour His grace, mercy and peace all over you and Terry.

I love you~

crystal said...

I love, love, love your picture: Twins Forever. It's so touching!!!