Friday, January 27, 2012

friday fotos!!!

A busy week with photo taking anyway!! Last week I went on a photo walk with a new friend I met on instagram!!! Her and her little boy and I strolled around Guthrie and shot alot of pictures!! I shot a flower using a macro for the iPhone, my first time!! I def like the macro lens!!! Donuts for the bd girl, big 3-D glasses for a boy, little hands helping me make bread sticks, who needs to 160 mph,?(Anna's car, my first time to drive it) A muddy MD vehicle that city boys came to red dirt Oklahoma in, movies, popcorn and doggies, playing in the neighbors canyons, Duffy the white dog has a new fav place, Terry put 2 ceiling fans up in the new kitchen area, and I always have to have Starbucks!!!!!! Oh, and I like being a "cowgirl," I use to really be one in my younger days!!! Hahah!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


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