Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a few photos!!

Wow, the weather was sooooo nice yesterday and today it is sooooo cold!!! I just want to sty snuggled inside but I do need to run to town to get some creamer for coffee.....a total need!!!

while Terry and 2 of the little guys went to Stillwater to watch Tebow, some of us went to Disney!!!!

........ a "magical" place

a little girl is dreaming......

she went from one wish to another in this store.....

not long til our garden will be going, but in the meantime, sometimes you just crave a salad!!


 I'm still using my bd giftcard!!!!!!

 someone very special is here..........

 the weather was sooooo nice yesteraday....

 dogs n children n walks n ponds


I entered this photo in a contest at my fav store, Lorec Ranch for a opportunity to win $200 gift certif at their store.....topic was " their furniture displayed in your home"
if your on fb, go like Lorec Ranch and either today or tomorrow, or soon they will have an album of the photos and whoever gets the most "likes" will win, so vote for mine!!!!

Hope you all are having a great week so far, only two days into it!!!



Marie said...

I always enjoy your pics :) .....take care :)

Mandy said...

I wish we had a Disney Store near here! I would just go and sit in it. Does yours have a "magic mirror".

Teena said...

what do you mean to see Tebow? I like Tim Tebow. :) Love your pics.