Monday, January 9, 2012

busy weekend!

Everyone went different ways it seems! Terry had to cut firewood, he is selling it, then he and Anna went car shopping, nothing yet! Some of the others had things going on and I went to my first Instawalk taking photos with my iPhone! I am loving the app on my phone instagram and have met a little community of folks! So as many as could that live in the OKC area met at the Myriad Gardens! It was so funny because someone mentioned, "isn't it nice to not have people telling you to stop taking soooo many pictures!" AND all the awkward positions you get in to get great shots!! It was fun to meet new friends and put names with faces! Soooo I have alot of photos from the Myriad Gardens!!

We also got to talk to Daniel via web cam! We have to go to the nearby McDonalds to do this as our Internet will not allow us to do it at home! It wa so good to see him! Course it was like 7am for him and 3 pm for us so he looked sleepy! Haha! Sounds like he has the life going on, some work, beaches, going to islands, riding his bike to places, bbq's with friends, music opportunities!! I am sure its going fast for him, but it's seems slow on this end!

School resumes! We are making headway with school work! Yay for us, because it has not always been this easy!!!! ACE curriculum has made me a new person! :D

Have a great Monday!!


Vanderpolclan said...

Love the pictures, Cindy.


Lesli Westfall said...

Love your pics and your updates. Glad to hear Daniel is having a blast, what a wonderful opportunity and experience. Tell me how you knew about the OKC instawalk? How would I find out about one here in Houston? Also, Larry and I want to know what your favorite apps are for photo's? Cld u fbook msg me the info? Thanks Cindy, you have a great Monday too!