Saturday, December 31, 2011

Australia bound!!

Today is the day!! I knew it would come! I am happy and excited for Daniel and the journey/adventure that is ahead, but my mothering heart is sad, it's just hard to send them off!! He and Terry are in route to the OKC airport! He will fly to Dallas at 6:40 and then board a plane in Dallas around 10pm and be in the air for 17 hours til he arrives in Australia!! It's funny, they are 15 hours ahead of us, and the little children told Daniel, he will be living in the future being ahead of us by that many hours! I guess they are right! It's amazing to see how the Lord has provided way over what Daniel's goal was, I trust God has his purposes in mind with that!! Thank you for being apart of meeting that need and goal! If the Lord brings him to mind in these next 3 months, please obey those promptings and pray! Being in Gods will is the safest place!!

Tonight.... movies and junk food!! Gotta bring it in right!! Some are doing a lock-in at church!! I doubt we make it through all the movies!!

Hope you stay safe and bring in the New Year with a desire to follow God more, pray more, share more, love more, forgive more.....


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

When I think and pray for you, Cindy, I will pray for Daniel. Even though he didn't come to Mexico... :-)

Teena said...

I did tear up when I saw you and Terry with Daniel. These children growing up and flying is what we want but our mama hearts say different.

We went to friends... and played games, had soup, sandwiches, chocolate, fudge, dip, brownies etc.

We talked about school... and what we use... talking about different learning styles... and books.

Much much much much much love,

praying for Daniel.. .and YOU.

Jen said...

Will be praying for Daniel as God brings him to mind! My sweet husband and I started dating while we were on a six-week musical missions trip to Australia in 1987! We were married the following summer, and we have four children, including a sweet 16year old daughter named Sydney, after the city where we fell in love! Praying God's richest blessings on Daniel and peace for your momma's heart while he is so very far away!

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