Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Florida #3

(I have some time here in Florida, so I am getting this done)

Saturday, Christmas Eve!! Woke and dashed outside to get a look at what I had been waiting on for a loonngggg time.... Palm trees n sun n warmth!!! I got it!! Swimming at their house, football, basketball at a nearby park, lunches that were awesome and then a Christmas eve service at their church! First time I have ever know a church to have a Starbucks in their lobby! Hey, that's how Florida rolls!!

After the church Christmas eve service, we headed back home for another wonderful meal, gingerbread building contests, white elephant gift exchange, laughs, late nigh, movies and playing wii!! Not boring by any means!!!

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Paige said...

Florida is very cool glad y'all enjoyed it. I lived in Florida for 14 years and I miss it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.