Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas craft #3 and #4 (and State Champs)

The next Christmas craft we did was a noodle snowflake! It was more difficult for little hands, like Mercy but she did apply the glue to the sides of the wagon wheel noodles and I put her snowflake together for her. Josiah and the rest all did theirs by their self! Each craft has been so fun, I especially liked this one with the bling and sparkly glittery stuff on them!!  

You could use different sizes of wagon wheel noodles but they only had this one size at our grocery store. First create the shape you want to make, I think its one in the middle and then build around it to make a snowflake. Some of them got creative and made a cross and a tree. The glue suggested was to use the tacky glue and apply with a small paintbrush around all the edges of the noodle that will touch the next noodle. They really need to dry for several hours after the glueing process. Next, set them up on something so they are not on a flat surface and spray paint very light coats one coat at a time, so the noodles do not become soft. Do both sides. The next step is spraying an adhesive spray on the design and as soon as you spray, sprinkle the glitter on. Allow to dry 20-30 minutes and do the other side too. Finally after they are really good and dry, string them on a red ribbon if you like and use them as an ornament!!

 The 4th craft was super easy, a 3 and 4 year old could do this one!! Making a reindeer out of 2 candy canes! First tape the 2 candy canes together, then begin wrapping the candy canes with a brown yarn and we made them kinda pudgy! We hot glued the yarn on the back once we had the amount of yarn desired for the body. With a hot glue gun and supervision for littles, glue the wiggly eyes and red puff for the nose on the deer! The last step, I have not done yet because, I cant find the bells I bought at Hobby Lobby on Friday, so I will have to get some more. You will take a ribbon and put a bell on it and tie it around the neck, a little ways past his nose, then the reindeer will be all done!!!

 add the ribbon and bell,( ours is green ribbon) just a bit past the nose!!

I told you if I had inspiration I was going to display all their crafts on a wall, well the place that seemed best was on the wall where there is no paint, the area around the double-oven cabinet which one day we want to put stone around it, but for now I just made my own bricks!! haha!! Its just black bulletin  board paper and I painted the white lines on it!! They are excited about all their crafts hanging there!!! and plus, it makes the wall  look not so boring with just sheet rock on it!!!

Friday we headed over to Stillwater to the OSU Stadium for the State Championship High School Football game that our Guthrie Blue Jays were playing in!!!! AND......they won!!!! It was a great game!! But my feet froze!!! We were all bundled up, I thought but I guess not enough!!! It was like 37 degrees! I really cant believe I even went but I endured hahah!!

Well, hope your not bored with all this blog material!!!! If so, just check back 2012!!! haha! A few more crafts that I found on Pinterest and that will about be the end of crafting. This week is going to be a blur! My dad and Shirley are coming the end of the week to do Christmas with the children, so they are very excited about that!! Elijah's bd is today!!! He is 21!! Wahoo!! We are having his bd meal on Tuesday evening so I have to get his special dessert prepared for that!! Hope you have a great Monday!!!

Happy 21st Birthday 

Love you!!!!

(Christmas craft #2 post below)


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sarah b said...

Love those macaroni snowflakes! My sisters and I are thinking about trying them ourselves :D