Monday, December 12, 2011


I know I will sound bias, but Daniel did a great job with his concert at our church Sunday evening!!! We had quite a few friends come and are so grateful that you did!! I have a short video of one of my favorites he did!! A big thank you to Josh and Eric and Marla helping him out on the piano and guitars!!

He ended up doing about 10 songs and a Power point presentation of where and what he will be doing in Australia!! I have to say I was impressed!!! It is amazing to see how God has provided for his trip!! Thank YOU for supporting him, and family and friends at our church and abroad!!! When God is in it, He provides!! I hope this will be one of those "stones" in his life and each of our lives that God will take care of His work!!!

Its getting close....December 31st will be here far too soon for this mom's heart!!! I have to be brave and pray, pray, pray!!! Hope you will pray with us and for him these next 3 months!!

Well, better go, Mercy is going wild over wanting our new dessert we have in the refrigerator!!!!! and I am ready for my coff-aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 



Teena said...

What a great job he did... praying for him. Did you know that Mandi went to YWAM in January 2008? She was just about 3 hrs away... and didn't end up going on the mission part of the program.

Wow... Australia. I will be praying for you too....

again... as they grow so many changes huh?


Anonymous said...

Ah, I wish we could have been there! We were thinking we were going to be able to make it, but something came up and we couldn't! Looks like it went great, though! Sorry we missed it!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Daniel did a phenomenal job! We really enjoyed it! I must say though, it made us miss Caleb! Anna did great on the bells, er, I mean with singing! Our friends Melanie and Marcel Thomas greatly enjoyed the music and Lilian was completely mezmorized!
Daniel's presentation was neat. It was really cool to see how the Lord has provided the funds needed plus an extra $60! He can buy airport food on the way over, haha!
We'll definitely be praying for Daniel (and you and the rest) as he prepares to leave so soon!
Oh, thank you for showing me where the bathroom was! :P

Marie said...

Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing ..... you must one PROUD MAMA!!! Take care :)

Cindy & Rich said...

What a blessing to listen to Daniel play. One of my favorites!