Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Party 2011

Well another Annual Christmas Party down! A little smaller crowd but not small in loudness or craziness!! I think everyone had alot of fun!! This year Pinterest was my brain for the games!! We played several! One was Marshmallow Throw, I had 2 five gallon buckets with wreaths around the open end and layed the buckets on a table and had 4 teams, two competing each other at a time. They stood about 8 feet way and had a minute to throw as many mellows in as they could in that time frame!! From that game a "marshmallow throw" began but this one was not one of the games!! Zing, Zing........marshmallows going every which way at PEOPLE!!! hahah!! Another game was build a Santa! 4 teams again, each had a clear large leaf trash bag and 25 red balloons. Object was to have one member pull the sack up like putting on pants with their legs through the bottom and then team members blow up the balloon and stuff the trash with balloons and then tie the sack up on each shoulder!! Crazy!! One game was "Nutcracker Stack!!"  I had 4 teams, each had 6 bolts and a candy cane. You had to stack the bolts on top of each other in a in a minute. Like the octogon side going up, does that make sense and you could only use the candy cane to pick the bolt up and use it as a stacking tool! Another game was stacking 21 cups in a pyramid. Six on the bottom and then next row 5 and so on til one on the top all in a minutes time! Another was not easy at all, Rudolph!! I had red puff balls like from hobby lobby, an inch in size hot glued to a piece of small thin ribbon that was 12 inches long. Object of this was, each person got their own string and red ball and held the end of the ribbon in their mouth and tried to swing the ball up on their nose which had a BIG glob of vasilene on it, hoping to make it stick to yo nose!! hahah!! Finally Mary did it!!! We had a photo booth too!! I had several DIY props I made from sturdy paper and spray painted a frame I had white!! So there you have it!!! Pictures below!! Enjoy!!!! The only thing you are missing out on is the LOUDness of it all!!!!


 this is Micah.....Melissa hugging Elijah's little brother!!!

all I can say is craZy gals!!!

Bethany and her big brother!!!

 mavie and Hosanna!!!!

 this was not the stack game, just boys being boys!!

ok, now she has the right one!!! haha!!!

this is a fun picture because after the party, she went home and had a baby boy, 6am!!! haha!!

 i think she is having fun!!!! 

clean up crew.....where is everyone????????
they didnt show up!!

Ok, here are all the folks who came!!!!!

 Elijah and Melissa

 Andrew and his lovely wife, Heather

 Stinson Family

 Jones Family
(my friend Natalie!!!)

 Dave, Kate and Lilian and baby in belly but soon to pop out!!! haha

 Naylor Family
(Melissa's family)

 and US!!!!!!

hmmmmm......thats where the cleaning up crew is!!!!

Fun times for sure with very special friends!! Thank you for coming!!!


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Lysa said...

I love all your pics! Love your parties.....

Love reading all about your life. You guys are very special to me.

I think the boys were making a christmas tree out of those cups!