Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mavie has a secret to tell you!!!


Mavie has something she wants to tell you!!!!!

 she has a new brother!!!!!!!

Keith Allen
born this morning at 6am
7# 10 oz

He is precious!! We love him!!! 

 funny thing is they came to our Christmas party and
went home and about 11:30 started having
contractions and BOOM a baby boy at 6am!!!!

Kate is looking and doing great and Dave
well, ummmm......he looks alright too!! haha!!

Keith Allen!!!!!

Lilian still needs her mommy too!!

Well, we are praising God for his protection tonight!! Daniel was driving Anna's car and totaled it tonight or at least that is our observation, will know for sure tomorrow from the insurance adjuster!! He ran into the back of a vehicle that was stopped at a red light. His airbag came out so that tells ya he hit pretty hard! The other people in the two vehicles that were involved are all fine too!! We are grateful tonight! Pray all goes well with figuring out what to do because we were suppose to travel to Florida on Thursday and we were taking Anna's car and the Expedition sooooooo I dont know what the plan will be now!!!

I hope to post the Christmas party pictures in the morning sometime. So stay tuned!!!! It was a fun party!!!


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The Ahlgren Family said...

Haha, we love that picture of Lilian! So so funny!
Thank you all so much... for having a great party to help get labor going (hahaha) and for coming over to welcome little Keith Allen! We love you all and are thankful to have you around the welcome our little boy!