Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Florida #4 Christmas Day!!

(Since I am blogging from my iphone, I can't arrange the photos in order, I wish I could, so just put them in order best you can!!)

Waking up on Christmas day to warm and sunny skies would always be my first choice!! I think you all know by now, I like warm/hot weather!! Getting 24 people up and in the LR was a challenge!! Sue, Kristens mom blessed our family in getting us in on their tradition of stocking opening!! They had each of us a stocking and I mean jammed packed with individually wrapped items, lots of items!!!! It was a fun event for our children! Mercy was especially enjoying it!! Their family opened their gifts and I told Sue it brought back memories of Christmas morning when I was young.... lots of gifts to pass out and lots to clean up! we had the most wonderful breakfast! Three different casseroles and fruit. It was definitely a bed and breakfast meal!!

We couldn't let the sun and very warm temps go to waste so swimming began.... on Christmas Day! How many of you got to do that?? I think swimming and the wii were the big hits while at the house!!

A little more time at the nearby park, tons of snacks, dips, veggies, cheeses for lunch and then the wii competition! When you have twin 24 yo's competing on some dance moves..... Hilarious!!!!

In the afternoon before our Christmas dinner Elijah, headed to the airport to pick up Melissa. Her family was in Georgia visiting her brother so as they headed back we were blessed to have her join us in Florida!!

All day labors of Sue and sweet grandma brought forth an incredible Christmas Dinner!! Ham, Roasted pork and Prime Rib with so many side dishes and rolls, even 24 people could not even eat it all!!

What a wonderful day together celebrating Jesus!!


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Teena said...

I was follwong you on fb and didn't think you would blog! Just finding these posts! Love love love the pics!

Caleb is a Reese's fan.... so am I and all my boys except 1.

Love you sharing w/ us!

Much love,