Friday, December 16, 2011


Friday, Friday, Friday........coming and going faster than I can think!!! But I am glad they come, because I love instafridays!!!! Join us in posting all your phone photos of the week!!! Capture anything, everything but don't do nothing!!!   Thank you for stopping by!!!!!

life rearranged

Bible baseball
"white elephant" gift to TAKE to a party!! hahah!!!! it was a WHOLE sleeper suit!!!

Mercy is pretending to be Kristen.....her big brothers girlfriend!!!
 gift card =Chili's
a fav ornament on the ole cowboy tree
School work is just better with some lego action!!!
school work "doodling"
way to go Jeremiah!!!!!!
white elephant gifts big kids didnt want!!!!
Christmas concert, Guthrie High school and Jr. High
building where the concert was!!
concert building in Guthrie
helped the pastors wife make her house all merry!!!!
wash me!!!! guess where we roads!!!!!




The Ahlgren Family said...

Haha, love the "wash me" picture... And the schoolwork "doodleing"! If I wasn't sketching on my schoolwork it was done in color coordinating ink, alternating colors between problems!
Mercy imitating Kristen is hilarious!

Lesli Westfall said...

my fav is Mercy dressed up as Kristen. Larry and I have laughed and looked at it many times this week. Thanks for sharing.

Much love to ya!


Marie said...

love every one of, fun, fun !!!