Friday, December 9, 2011


Its Friday and that means a phone dump of all the pictures of the week via iphone or any phone!!!! I am so loving having the convenience of a camera just a click away!!! I get teased ALL the time that mom takes pictures of EVERYTHING!!!! Well.......I do!!! hahah! Its fun!!! And I love the app Instagram on the iphone!!! Hey, all you Droid people, I think they are working on a Droid app for instagram, so I guess we will have to let you all in!!!!

life rearranged

alot of this going on!!!

grandparents blessing the children with gifts!!!

Anna took one with the real camera, but i had to take one with my phone!!!!

i was trying to convince Micah into getting one of these!!!

we had breakfast for dinner this week!!!

i found a red skirt for Christmas and we also had strawberries this week....guess red is in!!!!

5 yo being sweet!!!!

Mercy and I had to stop in the coffee shop Anna works in!!!

she got a chocolate covered rice crispy treat on a stick!!!

this was our 5th Christmas craft to make, so easy!! All you need is green paper, red bow and sweet hands!!!

If you would like to see our other crafts check here and here and here

she drank just about my whole Wurtle!!!!

a strange thing happened when I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday!!! The whole mall lost power and was totally dark!!! Weird!! They closed all the stores so I had to leave and go back like after I went over to Toys R Us!!

I have these Willow Tree figurines I decorate with wreaths as a reminder of Joel and his life and his journey during Christmas 06!! I love and miss you!!!

I had an elf help me!!!!! Anna to the rescue!!!! we only wrapped 5, 298!!!! just kidding!!! hahah!!!

the coffee shop Anna works at, its sooooo cozy just to go in and sit and mercy did just that!!!!

if you wanna buy some special treats at the coffee shop, they have it!!!

my new kitchen rug!!!! yay!!!!

older children means having lotsa of friends over!!!!

post office then coffee shop!!!!

we had a bd this week, Elijah is 21 now!!! wow!!!!
he didnt ask for all the treats, but I could not resist and Pinterest makes it easy!!!!

Thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend !!!!!



Jodi@ said...

Your kids are adorable!

I think I would be on a caffeine high constantly if my kid worked at a coffee shop! :o)

Love the shot of the centerpiece and the presents. beautiful!

have a great weekend!

Casa De Luna said...

Your house looks so cozy for the holidays! I like your reinbeer and your crafty wreaths!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Breakfast for dinner is a favorite for us; and I especially like it when the kids do it all... :)
That coffee shop is adorable. What a neat place for a teen to work.

Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures, Mrs. Morris!! Don't stop! =) I miss you guys!

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

How is your home so beautiful with all those kids around! I think I may need to put mine to work!

Everything is really quite gorgeous.

Lauren said...

How cute are you? A 21st December birthday would not be complete without a reindeer beer. And we totally had breakfast for dinner this week too. Then a deep philosophical conversation about what a letdown breakfast in general really is, ha.

Caitlyn said...

Love all the pics!!!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I am sooooo appreciating your craft ideas! We've been working on some this week :)

Marie said...

I always look forward to your Instafriday have beautiful family. Y'all always look like you're havin' fun together :)