Monday, December 19, 2011

monday the 19th!!!

 Mercy and I were up at midnight Friday night and we were having fun taking pictures!!

 candle light service at our church

 Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I am getting with it, right? A post before 9am!!!  Today is a super buys day!!! We are having our annual Christmas party tonight sooooooo I had to get this going!!!! I tired to downsize the party and I might a bit but it still looking like 40 folks! The first year was about 60, the second year about 45!! Since we are actually "in" the kitchen this Christmas, and the island is there, I dont have all the open space for the party games and people to stand, but it will all work I think!!!

Last night at church we had our candle light service! A special time with our church family and with people we have grown to love and cherish!! It such a blessing to be at this church in Guthrie and soo close to our house in travel distance,. a BIG + there!! haha!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!!! I really gotta "git" to start cleaning and cooking and all that stuff!!


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