Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas craft #2

Well, we are getting some more craft projects going!! Once again I found this little caroler on Pinterest for the children to do!!

and all hard work requires a "dunking chocolate cookie break in milk!!!"

.......and a coffee break for some!!!

don't you just love these little Caroler folks!!!

It was really an easy craft, Mercy did quite a bit of it by herself and she is 5, Josiah age 8 handled it all by himself! So here is a rundown of how it goes if you wanna try it.

You will need to cut a round head out of tan paper, I used a folder. You will need to run off some music for the body area and we glued it to a black piece of construction paper. Next trace around the child's hand in mitten form and make the gloves and the children just free-handed cutting the snow hat out and the ball on top of the hat. For the hair, cut strips out of construction paper and fold back and forth for the girls and for the boys just cut some little fat half moons I guess. They drew the eyes, nose and mouth with a permanent marker and used a white writing pen for the hat and glove patterns on them. It an inexpensive craft to do, just using paper and marker. I just thought they looked so jolly and Mercy says that "carolers" go around and sing to Jesus!! I told her that "carolers go and sing about Jesus," she got a bit mixed up but thats ok, but in a real sense we are singing to Him!! I always wonder what Joel is doing and I think singing is one of the things he does a lot with Jesus now!!

We have several more crafts we have done and I will post them soon, dont wanna put yall on "overload!!" Hope your finding ways to make a memory too!!



Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I am to make these with ALL my children and have a dozen carolers on our wall...Maybe I'll make one for Daniel and I too so we can have the whole family...a choir!! :) I love it!
Please, overload your craft ideas on me! I have very little creativity but I LOVE to copy!

Teena said...

so cool!

thinking of you today... especially today. (4th). Praying for you. Remembering with you....

I love you,