Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Florida part 1

Last Thursday, the 22nd on my birthday, 13 people, two vehicles, two doggies, 21 hours..... Florida bound!! We stopped at Cracker Barrel for my birthday meal. We drove about 10 hours and landed in Birmingham Alabama! A place we will never forget for the wrong reasons!! Basically it was like this, luggage unloaded, older ones went to Ihop, three rooms, the rest of us gathered in one room, one room the door was left cracked open, three luggage and an iPad stolen, police come, report given, wait for manager to get back from vacation to review cameras, don't go to sleep til after 2am, load up and travel on to Florida! Hey we got more room in our vehicle...haha!!

The sad part is that 3 of the guys, Andrew, Elijah, and Daniel had almost everything they owned in their bags now gone, only the clothes on their back! We went to kohls the next morning and got the necessities!! I felt the worse for Daniel, his iPad he just bought 2 days ago....gone! He had bought a new hiking backpack and had most everything he was taking to Australia in it, all his "summer" stuff he got for Christmas! The only thing they didn't take was his pillow, and if they new the value of it, guess they would have taken it too!! haha!

We were glad to get outta Birmingham!! Destination: Lutz Florida!!!


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Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, I am so sorry! Wow! Remember that God always works all things together for good and He had a purpose even in Daniel losing all he had. We've had things stolen from us a few times, too, and it's so sad, but the Lord is always faithful and good. I'll pray Daniel is able to get all he needs still for his trip and I'll pray that the thief will be caught or even better convicted in his heart and come to Christ.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Morris Family!!