Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Florida #5 {beach day}

The day I looked forward to before we even left!! we got to the beach a little after noon and stayed til a little after 5pm, then we went to a restaurant on the beach strip and the Snyder family blessed/treated us to a wonderful meal, all 23 of us!!

It was pretty cloudy when we got there, but within a short time, the sun burst through and blue skies as far as we could see! The younger children got in the water for a while but it was a bit cold and they were not too excited about the saltiness!! Sooo they got busy working on a "sand city!!" They spent 5 hours on it and had many admirers that stopped and took pictures and chatted with us!! Caleb and Kristen went parasailing! Daniel, Bethany and Shannon, a Synder girl, rented a jet ski for an hour and zoomed on the ocean!! They played tons of vb!!! It was a day to remember!!!

A beach sunset is incredible!!! I am so glad I got to see one!! One day I want to go back, so much more I wanna see and do!!

Oh, we just got home!! So thankful for safety and vehicles ran fine and we are all home!!

NOW, we are getting ready or Daniel is getting ready for his trip!! He leaves Saturday!! So much to do!!

Also we found out Anna's car was totaled so now searching for another vehicle!!

I have never seen soooo much laundry as I have sitting in this house!! Groceries need to be bought and school to get going!!! Looks like I am going to be doing a hundred miles an hour heading into 2012!!!

Thanks for praying for our trip!!


 P.S. all these were taken and edited with my phone, so convenient!!!


Marie said...

Thank you for sharing all these great pics....looks like a lots of fun was had by all. Happy New Year!!!

Teena said...

Cindy, was this your first time to the beach?

You said the kids didn't like the saltiness... we have always lived w/in a couple hrs from some beach....

Loved the pics! You are beautiful... inside & out!

Much love,

Darci said...

Darci, here - visiting from Upstate NY. I've followed your blog for a few years after a blog-friend told me to visit. My third of seven child died in 2006 at age almost 3. My friend said Joel and Tucker's grief journeys blessed her :) I've been blessed visiting with you weekly, but admit to be a leurker! So I'm introducing myself! Last night I visited, and after seeing the pirate ship, I exclaimind, "she's on my beach! I think that's Clearwater!" ha... Well, as I read I soon realized you were on my beach! We've written Tucker in that sand many times, and even lived in a beach condo for his one-year move-to-Heaven anniversary in Feb 2007. The very time you were in the beginning of your grief journey. Anyway, this is surely a rambling introduction! I love Clearwater Beach, feel so close to the Lord there as I praise, worship, journal, and grieve with Jesus on that shore. Thanks for your blog, sharing His mighty faithfulness, and loving your family. Your Friend in Grief, Darci.

Darci said...

Oh, my little corner of cyberspace is