Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Florida #6 {our last day}

It came and went much to fast! I am in love with Florida weather and palm trees and there are some very special people there too!! Tuesday we spent the day around the house, playing games, going to the park again, (where Elijah broke his nose) can anything else happen???? The evening meal was going to be a grandmothers specialty!! A true New York Italian dish! She had pots and pans all over the place! Chopping fresh this and that, can of all kinds that would have me pleading for a small taste before it was all ready!! She even gave me the recipe!! Sausage and Bow Ties! A savory tasting tomatoey red sauce with Italian pork sausage blended together and then heaped on tender bow tie noodles! Delicious is what I am talking bout! A huge Italian salad with homemade dressing and white pizza to give a crunch to this fabulous meal!! Hats off to grandma for a meal I will never forget and one I am going to attempt!!

That evening we went to this unique outside mall with all kinds of stores and shops all tightly packed within decorated streets of Christmas cheer and lights! We went to the center of the mall area outside and a giant tree of maybe 30feet stood. We shopped a bit until 9pm for a light show synced with Christmas music to entertain us! It even "snowed" in Florida! Fake snow was blown out above our heads as the music blared and lights danced to the music!! A memorable night!!

Back to the house we topped the night off with s'mores, ice cream and movies not wanting to bring an end to our last night!

.....but it did...morning came, goodbyes were said, hugs held close, whispers in ears "to come see us," friends made, promises made of "see ya soon!" I have to say that our families blended so well and like one of the Snyder little girls said......

.....And we didn't even have a fight!!

Thanks is not big enough!
Thank you Snyder Family!

Kristen, Katy, Kevin, Sue (the mom) and Tim
Shannon, Michael aka Dude, Alan (dad) and Lauren!!
                                                                              ..... and grandma, but she is not in the photo!

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erinstwo said...

I read every post and almost never comment, so I thought I would just say that I LOVE reading your blog because you inspire me with your example of wonderful Christian mothering.
Also - I have loved reading the stories of your older children's courtships. I work with a group of 8th grade girls at our church and I have shared with them several stories from your blog. It is so great to have such great examples to share with them because the world tells them that their only choice is compromise, compromise, compromise and conform. :-( They have been so encouraged to see that there are young men and women walking the narrow path and finding God's blessings there!
May your family be blessed with a healthy and happy 2012!!!