Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas (for us)

For the last 15 years my dad and Shirley have been coming the first of December and "doing" Christmas with us and the children! It has been alot of fun for them! I have done all the "shopping" before they get here and the day they arrive, well, that night is Christmas for us!!! Anna and I spent over an hour wrapping and in less than a few minutes its all over with!! hahah! Fun times and the memories will be there for their lifetime!! We also have a Christmas dinner together as well!! Of course Caleb being in MD was not here and that was hard for me!!! I know things change, its just not easy!! But we made it!!!

course my dad always has to play the part......Santa!! we ALL know there is no Santa but its fun to him!!!

lotsa people+lotsa food= lotsa plates and Looooonnnnnggg tables!!
one of Hosanna's gifts was a pillow pet!!! coZy!!!!
an "ocean" of presents.....oh there are two kiddo's in there!!!
had to peek in from outside!!!
looking in!!!

a bit excited!!!!
its all over........

the pictures below are with a "real" camera.....anna's hahah!!

I found this little salad idea and thought it was perfect for our Christmas dinner!!!
our Christmas dinner!!
new scarf!!!!
its just craZy!!!!!

Well, thats Chistmas for us!!!! Now just to think about the Lord as we should everyday and the greatest gift......Jesus!!!



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Teena said...

love the pics. So I have a question... on Christmas eve/morning do you do Christmas with your immediate family? I love hearing how other people do it.

We are doing it different this year. I am spending less, giving more... I have bought several bracelets from and it gives back to women in Africa trying to make a way for themselves and their children.

We are also doing for others locally. We will work giving out coats/food boxes/toys on Christmas eve morning.

Mike/Amber will come in Christmas eve LATE... and we will have Christmas together...

much much love...