Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a christmas craft day!!

A quote from Mercy, "Oh mom, you always think of the neatest things to do!!!"
A quote from Hosanna, " she got it off the internet!!"

Hey, what can I say!! I am set free now with Pinterest to "think" and come up with ideas!! I no longer have to use up my brain cells!!! But yes I have been collecting craft ideas for the little people and I am actually going to do some of them!!! How many have you done so far???? If I get real inspirational I am going to put all of the craft projects on a wall and it will be our "Christmas Gallery" of projects!! They LOVE doing stuff and to be honest, I like it too!! I really dont have  alot of crafty material so I had to gather some things as I went to Wal Mart. You dont have to DO Pinterest to crafts, just google!!! Ok, here it is!! A Jolly Snowman!!! He is made out of the large craft sticks and you can pretty much see how it goes! Tape 6 sticks together with duck tape on the back, draw a slanted line for the hat area to be painted black. Add some eyes, paint a carrott nose and a happy smile. Paint a separate stick for the brim of the hat then hot glue it on with a bit o-ribbon on top and a glittery "puff" ball and I added a string so we could hang the little guy up!! Now you have no excuses, get it going!!!

Now on to a Christmas Dessert I saw on Pinterest........YUM!!!!!!

Josiah, Hosanna, Mercy and Jeremiah!

and there you have it......a Jolly Snowman


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The Ahlgren Family said...

Terribly cute!!! Good memories too! Can't wait to see your craft wall eventually! :D