Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh.My.Word. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond words......almost!!!!! Well, as you know yesterday was our 25th anniversary!!! Terry wrote a sweet letter to me and our plan was to go out to eat in the evening!! We did! Had a great meal! we left the restaurant and had to stop and get normal!!!! Next, as we were headed home Terry said, "I gotta stop in here and ask these folks about Insulated Concrete Forms." I barley looked up, I was playing with my phone and said "oh, ok!" I really did not think any thing of it whatsoever! It was a bed and breakfast and soon he came back out and I asked him, "why in the world does a bed and breakfast need a safe room?" hahaha!!!! Well, he said something like, "everyone needs a safe room!!!" I thought strange but oh well and then we left and headed North on I-35 towards Guthrie!!! I, again was fiddling with my phone and felt the car exit off and was thinking he was getting gas.....I had already forgot he GOT gas!!! hahaha!!! But as he passed the station and proceeded out towards the country roads, I asked him where were we going? He asked if I had it figured out yet?! I thought the children had arranged for a building and maybe were having some of our friends to meet us and have cake or something!!! He just kept driving waaaaayyyyyy out towards the woods, and finally on a dirt road!!! I am like "where are we going!!!!" Finally he pulls up to a gate that mechanically opens and I ask, " are other people going to be here??" He said, "no, I dont think so!!" FINALLY I was getting the picture, putting it all together!!!!!! hahahah!!! So here we are pulling up to this little cottage in the woods and I am like wondering how in the world...... who has done this....... and going nuts!!!!! He said some of the children did this for us!!!! I was shocked, surprised and a hundred other things too!!!! Soooooooo it was a little night in a wooded cottage for our 25th Wedding Anniversary!! I am blessed for the thoughtfulness of our wonderful children!! They are awesome!!! So here are some pictures of the fun little, beachy type bungalow!!!!

here we are!!!!!

it was very tailored to US!!!!!
very coZy!!!!

it was a beach theme!!

Happy 25!!!

I think he is enjoying it.......
a few romantic things in our room.......

a nice BIG bed!!! hahah!!

we watched Gone With the Wind......I had never seen it!!!

umm.......better be few words here....... this was Kristen's idea

                                                                       with Anna carrying it out!!!
(P.S.  Anna packed and hid the bag in the vehicle!!!!)

now......moving right along.......we had a yummy breakfast!!


 It was Pumpkin Pancakes with Vanilla Butter Sauce

                                                      topped with apples, pecans and a sprinkle of
                                                                                  brown sugar

                                                           Country Sausage with Sour Creme Salsa
                                                                 Fruit with Carmel Amaretto Sauce
                                                                               Juice and Coffee

It was a wonderful and memorable time for us!!!! I am so grateful for our children!!! Daniel stayed with Hosie, Mercy, Siah, Josh, Jeremiah!! Micah and Andrew were hunting, Bethany and Elijah were gone and Anna was working soooooo Daniel had it going, fixing tacos, getting movies and ice-cream sandwiches until Anna got home at 10ish!!!! I think they had a good time and Mercy kept it a secret about the "cottage" ALL day!!!!!! hahaha!!!!!! I am blessed, we are blessed!!!!

Thank you all for for the wishes!!! Thank you 871 viewers yesterday!!! I dont know all of you but we are blessed by you, thank you for keeping up with our family!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

 P.S. the reason Terry had to stop at the bed and breakfast after we ate was to get a key!!! And remember he said to me he had to ask them about ICF, well as soon as he walked in the place he told the people he had to ask them about it.....just so he would be speaking the truth!!! hahah!! and because his wife was in the car and she did not know about all this!!!!



-stephanie- said...

Boy...that's some little cottage in the woods! :o)

Looks absolutely lovely and I'm glad you had a nice time. Sweet little polka dots and all. ;o)
What a wonderful way to spend your 25 years together.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Awww! That is wonderful! I'm so glad your day (and night :) ) were so special! 25 years by the grace of God and the great love He put into your hearts for each other is truly something to celebrate! I can't wait till Daniel and I hit 25 years and then 50 and then to spend eternity together with our Lord and our children and to meet your Joel and oh so much more! What a wonderful Savior! Happy Anniversary! Love you so much!

Jessica said...

Love that he surprised you and that your children blessed you with this special getaway. The breakfast looks delicious!

Amy D said...

Congrats to you....God is good ~

Natalee said...

OOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOODDDNNNEESSSSS GIIIRRLL!!!!! Ya never know whats happening over there with yall two!!!!!!
Happppyyy Annniversary to yall!!!! I just KNOWWWWWW yall had a blast!!!