Friday, November 4, 2011


Happy Instafriday!!!!! I look soooo forward to this each week!!! Hope you do too!!! Its amazing even if you dont go alot of places, you can still capture moments just at home!! 

life rearranged

had to watch this!!!

got the big guns out....two griddles!!
a leaf craft
you can do it bud......just get some more coffee!!!
oh......just a pic of me.....nothing major!!! hahah!!!

finished leaf craft
this is how we roll at dinner!!
this tree is near our house
our second born son is going on a missionary trip to Australia, Jan-April!!!
first fire Wed. night brrrrrrr!!!!!!
water tower in town
Bricktown in OKC
made Golden Herb Rolls, they have pumpkin in them
another grocery day down!!
town courthouse

my cowhide trivets
my husband brought a rose to me from our outside flower area!!

time for a bath-eeeeeeee, Dooley!!!!

   Thanks for stopping by!!! Its been so fun to meet many of you all!!! May you have a blessed weekend and find that God is Faithful!!! Happy Friday!!!!



Mandy said...

Love the leaf crafts!

Cottage Garden Treasures said...

Hi Cindy, I haven't been to your sight for a couple of years but am happy to see your family is doing so well. Just order another of the boys' cd. Can you tell me how/where they recorded it? We have friends in TX that were up and a couple of the girls played their violin and viola on a hayrack ride the other day! So beautiful. Can you believe on a bumpy hayrack ride they didn't miss a note!! I said they needed to make a cd and they were interested. Even have their name picked out!! Thanks!

sheri said...

Could you repost your son's letter or tell me how I could make a contribution to his trip? Thanks!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

2 griddles. :)
That mission trip sounds exciting.
Your dog is adorable!!

our story said...

what an awesome opportunity your son will have to share about God. I have enjoyed popping by on Insta Fridays and scrolling down through the seems you have a very full life.

Casa De Luna said...

Hopefully you are able to share more about your son's mission trip to Australia. What a great opportunity!

Tori said...

I found your blog a week or so ago and I've enjoyed reading your posts!

Looks like a fun Friday! :)

The Ahlgren Family said...

Love that picture of Miah!
The leaf craft looks so pretty! I just can't get enough of the lovely fall colors! I'm so thankful to live in a climate that has all four seasons!