Friday, November 25, 2011


Oh wow, instafriday on Black Friday!!!! I would so love to be out in the craziness, but I am not!!!! Wonder if anyone will be around today??? Oh well, we will go forward with phone pictures of the week!!!! Join us, just snap and capture your week with phone pics!!!! Its not hard at all!!!!

made another new dish this week, Saucy Pork chops! First time to ever cook pork chops!!!! They liked!!!

it was the first really cold Sunday last week!!!! Don't likey!!!!

a special place on our farm.....prints of everyone in our family, all 15 of us!!!!

a peek.....when I get the other tree ready, i will post some pictures!!!

Mercy's new girlie shoes to keep her warm in winter!!!

i have been eating these lately, can you believe Mercy likes them too?!

Thanks for stopping by!!! 
and hope you all survived Black Friday if you went out!!!


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