Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey!!!!! Its instafriday again!!!!!!! I am loving this Friday stuff!!! Maybe join up with Jeanette and do some yourself!! All you need is a phone that takes pictures and just start clicking all through your week!!! Its amazing what you can take pictures of!! Love it!!!!!

life rearranged

just had to.....while I was out grocery shopping!!! dont you just love their "merry" cups?
boy+climbing tree= bark in eye (he's good to go now!!)

ooops, looks like a patient did not make it......wishing the best for the second one!

Coffee shop Anna works at in town!!!! Can I go everyday???
Anna at work in the coffee shop!!! look at all that choc!!! 

hubby has a bit of paper work......i think we need an office!!!

they wanted cookies after dinner, so 24 yo twin and 8 yo twin do it!!!!

made this Tuesday yum!!!!

the dish I made Tues night.....Apple Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts!!!

from grain to bread!!! Yay!!!!

Terry putting up our pendent lights over the island!!!

we have some wonderful buildings in Historic Guthrie

this was across the street from our church.....Terry parked there!!!!

 Anna and her friend Ellie made this!! scroll down 2 posts for recipe!! awesome!!!

the gals.....and friend Ellie all the way from MD!!

our peaceful

i just like this.....she is soooo happy!!
waiting for the game......cute kid!!!!

football game....playoffs!!! has not even started yet!!

while waiting for the game we strolled around Guthrie!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!
Have a great Friday!!!!



Payton Wilson said...

Oh my goodness...all that chocolate...I think I need to go visit Corrie at her job! =)

Bart, Erin, Hunter, Jorden and a couple of crazy dogs said...

Looks like you had a very very yummy week! I'm just a little jealous :)

shasta said...

Love all your pictures...My favorite is the eye doctor picture...looks so vintage!

jessnjamie said...

If you have not already seen the free app Starbucks Cup Magic you should check it out! It is a fun app to do with their Merry cups!

sarah b said...

ELLIE IS ON THE MORRIS' BLOG!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! what an honor :)

Holly said...

Heheh I love the "Dads parking only" sign! Too funny!