Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Elijah thankfully made it back safely from Wales last Wednesday!!! I am pretty sure he didnt want to come back quite yet!! But the good news is Melissa only has 26 more days till she is back in the USA!!! She sent me some pictures I wanted to share with you all!! Looks like they had a good time anyway!!!

I think they like each other!!!

I know Melissa would say it has been an experience of a lifetime!! I know she would also say it has been a season in her life where she has learned so much about the Lord! His provision, His protection, His comfort and His grace for each day along with much more!! We miss her and cant wait for her to get home soon!!! If you would like to check out her blog it is here, she has a whole lot of pictures there too!!

Along the same line, Daniel's trip is really happening now......he purchased his airplane ticket!! December 31 is the day he will lift off from OKC to Dallas and then on to Australia!!!!! I am so excited for him but I can hardly stand for him to go all in the same thought!! He was checking out his flight connections and he said one leg of the flight he will be on a plane for 17 hours!!! I COULD NOT DO THAT!!!!!! I guess when your young, adventure is "nuthin!!" Hope you will be in prayer for his trip as the Lord brings him to mind!!! I am going to try to be brave!! The safest place to be is in God's will!! I will trust in that and purpose to rest in that!! We continue to be so grateful to so many that are supporting Daniel in a monetary way and even if you can not, a prayer is so valuable to a mom's heart and to Daniel!! Thank you!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!



Beth said...

Praying for Daniel's trip. Especially the 17 hour flight. We did that at the beginning of this year with a 10 month old. :) Do you know what airline he is flying with? Qantas and Air New Zealand are definately the best in this part of the world.

sarah b said...

Praying for Daniel and the rest of your family!!!