Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hows your wednesday???

Hows your Wednesday going???? Home school stuff under way over here!!! Mercy likes to do "school" too!! She is actually very into it!!! I would say this is so far our best and easiest school year as far as logistics, lessons and ease of everyone doing their work. I assist as needed but I do feel freed up with this curriculum we are using!! I wish I would have used it looooonnngggg ago! Oh well, nows the time so I am thankful to have it going for the now time!! 

Good news........Elijah is in the air coming back from Wales!!! Bethany will be in the air soon heading back from Illinois!! They both, Lord willing will be here this evening!! From what I heard from Elijah or rather Melissa, he liked it but I think he liked seeing her and being with her more! haha!

Daniel's trip to Australia is coming together wonderfully! The Lord is providing and its exciting to see Him do that. Still praying the Lord would provide all Daniel needs for the trip! Thank you for praying and giving towards this endeavor! The neat thing for me is, I have met a "friend" through the Instagram app i use on my phone posting pictures in the little community of friends and she lives in Australia!! So we have plans to keep in touch and I am asking her questions as needed! She is not near to where Daniel will be but its good to have a contact over there!! so Yay!!!!!! It will be the peak of summer when Daniel is there, so the pictures I see her posting are all so green and warm looking, its their Spring now!! I wonder if I could sneak away with Daniel and miss winter like he is going to get to!!!!

Next week is Thanksgiving!!! Hope you all have wonderful plans of giving thanks and being with family!! We have plans to do just that, Lord willing!! Our family will all be together and we will have a very special young lady with us......Kristen!!!!

May the Lord bless you today with grace, peace and give your heart the desires according to His will!!

Come back Friday for instafriday!!!!



Beth said...

If you went to Australia, you could just pop over and visit in New Zealand as well!!! :)

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing the devotional! It is encouraging. I do struggle with what has been ordained vs. what happens due to our (people's) poor choices that God didn't want us(them) to choose. There are two very different opinions on that matter and I think I have decided that the two are merely 2 sides of the same coin. Both views seem to bring those who believe them comfort and I will never know the "answers" on this earth. So anyway, you may read me struggling with this issue (or maybe I will not write about it- I don't know). But thank you for sharing what brings you comfort. Pleas efeel free to anytime. I am very grateful for your blogfriendship! :) I am reading a book called my time in heaven this week and it has really helped me to picture what it might be like... that she was never scared or alone... I know that in my head but it just seems hard for a baby girl (or boy!) to make such a journey without us. I wonder if Joel and Makiah have met? Congrats on your 25th! Our 10th is coming up next year... strange to be married so long and just now have little babies (only). I just keep telling myself that the stars are all much older mothers... and of course Sarah was, too! Ok, enough rambling, I am off to eat some chocolate chip pie! Take care,